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Fancy creating some swag for our upcoming NEAR | CON? You’ve come to the right place! NEAR has teamed up with Mintbase, the next generation NFT marketplace, and SwaggerDAO to offer our community the chance to create and vote on their favorite graphic for the NEAR | CON 2021 Community Tee which will be part of the official NEAR | CON swag collection. 


The winner will see their graphic come to life and receive a ticket for the event!

The contest is hosted at Mintbase and the design theme of the contest is the NEARverse and the word “NEARCON”. Apart from that, community contributors have full creative freedom. Artwork submission is open from 6th – 13th Oct. For your graphic to be accepted it must be:

  1. Include the word NEARCON.
  2. Be 100% #NEARverse themed.
  3. Max. size of 12” x 16” (30,48 x 40,64cm).

Once your artwork is ready for submission follow these steps:

  1. Head over to
  2. Upload your artwork file.
  3. Set the price at 0.001 $NEAR.
  4. Tag the NFT: nearconnearverse.
  5. Mint 50 editions at first mint.
  6. Go to your Mintbase store and click on + icon under the NFT and mint min. 1000 extra editions.
  7. Fill in the submission form and you’re all set!

How to vote

The community gets to decide the winning graphic. Voting is done by buying your favorite contesting artwork(s) on Mintbase – every buy equals one vote and price per artwork NFT is fixed to 0.001$NEAR. Every voter will be eligible in an upcoming Swagger DAO NFT drop.

Join us in celebrating the NEAR community and the first NEAR | CON of many. Catch you in the NEARverse!

Important contest dates:

Artwork submission: Oct. 6th – 13th – 15.00 CET

Voting period: Oct. 13th, 15.00 – Oct. 15th, 12.00 CET

Winner announcement: Oct. 15th – 15.00 CET

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