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Whether you’re a developer coming from web2 or web3 (eg. Ethereum) or a curious traveler wondering what all the fuss is about, the following links should help.

Start Here


Open source, collaborative wiki connects you to information about everything NEAR

NEAR Documentation

Provides all the needed information, and references for how to build on NEAR

Developer Learning Path

comprehensive guide for developers of all skill levels

Entrepreneur Learning Path

starting guide for entrepreneurs new to Web3

Courses & Guided Workshops

NEAR and Far from Coding

An introduction course to NEAR for non-programmers and those new to web3 (web3 entry-level)


An all inclusive, hands-on, onboarding platform for all things NEAR

NEAR Academy

interactive mini-course for web developers looking to explore blockchain integration with their apps (beginner for developers)

NEAR 101

Introductory workshop for web developers (beginner for developers)

NEAR 102

An introductory workshop geared toward experienced Ethereum developers (intermediate for developers)

NEAR Developer 101

A partner course for basic NEAR concepts and building a marketplace dApp on top of the NEAR blockchain. (beginner for developers)

Educational Video Series


Key blockchain concepts are described in plain language.

NEAR in Minutes

Bite-sized binge-worthy courses about NEAR in multiple languages

NEAR YouTube

NEAR protocol youtube channel

Encode x NEAR

Educational sessions about NEAR

BAF Web Series

Web series done by Blockchain Accelerator Foundation on different NEAR subjects

Deep Dive

These courses are designed to dive deep into the NEAR platform to prepare you for real-world projects. Get certified!

NEAR Certified Developer

Self paced courses that provide an opportunity for web developers to earn a Certificate of Completion NFT that represents the ability to design, develop, test and deploy smart contracts on the NEAR platform. (intermediate for developers)

NEAR Examples

Coding examples from projects built on NEAR

Projects on NEAR

Curated list of projects built using NEAR