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We re-invented blockchain to save you from cryptic addresses, constant confirmation requests etc.

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Code in Javascript or Rust with powerful dev-tools, simple SDKs and compelling documentation

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NEAR is a blockchain built to be simple, secure and scalable.

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NEARCON is back and better than ever.

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Latest news

NEAR Gaming - Putting Gamers in the Driver's seat

NEAR & Gaming: Putting Gamers in the Driver’s Seat

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Update on the NEAR Wallet Transition

On July 29th, NEAR Foundation announced that ...


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The Web3 promise
finally delivered

Ethereum has provided a vision of what's possible, but with NEAR, you can start building Web3 apps that can scale for mass-adoption today.

Low cost & high speed through better scaling technology.

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Frictionless onboarding for users and developers.

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Low cost. High speed. Effortless scale.

Nightshade sharding enables seamless scaling with minimal fees.

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Time to Finality

Climate neutral, now and forever.

Certified carbon neutral

NEAR is certified carbon neutral by South Pole, the industry lead in carbon offsetting solutions.

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Low energy footprint

NEAR's innovative blockchain design uses a fraction of the energy other networks use, and requires no sort of power-draining "crypto mining" to perform transactions.

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Backed by the best

“NEAR is poised to be a leading smart contract blockchain platform, combining first-rate technology with a fast-growing developer ecosystem. We’re excited to support NEAR as we ramp up our investments in the digital asset space.”

John Curtius

Partner, Tiger Global

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“In the long run, all blockchains will need to horizontally scale to support the massive scale that’s coming with mainstream adoption. ETH 2.0 sees this same outcome, but NEAR delivers that actual experience right now.”

Haseeb Qureshi

Managing Partner, Dragonfly Captial

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“NEAR has done a great job from a technology standpoint, and we want to help them achieve a level of developer, user, ecosystem adoption which reflects their current level of technology innovation.”

Ashwin Ramachandran

General Partner, Dragonfly Captial

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