The blockchain built for an open web

Created with simplicity in mind. NEAR is built from the ground up to be performant, secure, scalable, and eco-friendly.

NEAR, the blockchain for end-users

NEAR brings users to the main stage, setting up Web3 for mass adoption.

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Named addresses

Ditch the random numbers and embrace user-friendly addresses that are easy to recall. Become'yourself.near'.

Unique key stream

Accounts support multiple keys, each with distinct permissions. Give apps access to your account, ensuring your funds remain secure.

Inexpensive, blazing fast, and reliable

Every day more than 1M transactions are completed, with an avg. block time of 1.2 second and an avg. fee of $0.0001.

NEAR, the blockchain for developers

NEAR empowers developers to build open web apps and onboard users to Web3.

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Smart contracts

NEAR's WebAssembly runtime lets you craft smart contracts using well-known languages such as Javascript and Rust.

Built-in account abstraction

Cover gas fees for your users using built-in meta-transactions.

Built-in developer incentive

Every time code runs on a smart contract, the contract developer earns 30% of the burned gas.

NEAR, a technical marvel

Built on years of research, NEAR's efficient and robust protocol stands as a true marvel of modern technology.

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Horizontal scaling with sharding

NEAR's sharded design enables limitless scaling and robust resistance to traffic spikes.

Environmentally friendly

Thanks to its proof-of-stake nature, NEAR consumes in a year the same energy that Bitcoin consumes in 3 minutes.

A chain you can trust

10 million blocks created in a span of two years with 100% uptime.

Built for and by the community

An ever evolving protocol with an active community of contributors. Join us and help shape the future of the web.

The blockchain for everyone

Blockchain has never been easier. Create your account and join a thriving community of visionaries. Help build a new Internet, where everyone counts.

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