The OS for an open web

Effortlessly create and distribute innovative decentralized apps across any blockchain, while helping build a more open web, with the NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS).

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Don't just move the needle, create a new gauge

The Blockchain Operating System (BOS) makes it easy to use the tools you already know to build apps that engage users, while fostering an open web free from centralized platforms

Code in a language you already know

The BOS is built on JavaScript, so you can get started creating new apps right away, without needing to learn a new language

Build quickly with existing components

Explore, experiment with, and combine community built components to quickly create your own app, or build and publish your own from the ground up

Onboard users in seconds without crypto

Accessibility is key to a more open web, so we made it possible for you to onboard to the BOS, and for your users to onboard to your app, without any crypto

Contribute to a more open web

Every component, even this page, is live on NEAR's public blockchain platform - the source code is available to anyone to inspect, fork, modify, and reuse


Take a direct flight, skip the layover

The BOS lets you cut out intermediaries and connect directly with users by publishing, storing, and hosting your app directly on chain

Take control of your app distribution

The BOS moves everything on chain, eliminating the need for providers and intermediaries, and allowing you to connect directly with your users

Build on any (or every) chain

You can build on Ethereum and more, while taking advantage of NEAR protocol's speed, low cost, and scalability, and never getting stuck in a silo

Meet your users wherever they are

Make your app available as an embedded blockchain experience on any browser, app, or connected device capable of running a few lines of Javascript


Learn, connect, and collaborate

Join a vibrant community of builders who understand that a more free and open web is better for developers, users, and the world as a whole.

Connect with like minded people ready to support you on your journey

Come meet us at conferences, hackathons, and meetups across the globe

Keep up to date with all things BOS and the future of an open web


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