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Case Study: NEAR Foundation’s Laura Cunningham on the NEAR Horizon Startup Accelerator

Case Studies
July 26, 2023

NEAR is a home to a number of amazing apps and projects. These developers, founders, and entrepreneurs are using NEAR to effortlessly create and distribute innovative decentralized apps, while helping build a more open web — free from centralized platforms. In these Case Study videos, NEAR Foundation showcases some of these projects. 

In the latest NEAR Foundation Case Study video, viewers hear from Laura Cunningham, Team Lead at NEAR Horizon and General Manager at NEAR Foundation. NEAR Horizon is a Web3 accelerator program revolutionizing how founders and builders receive support in the open web. Laura takes viewers on a deep dive into Horizon’s startup accelerator marketplace, which the Horizon team built on the Blockchain Operating System (BOS). 

“The BOS was our platform of choice for building NEAR Horizon because it makes Horizon much more accessible to founders and projects that are already in the ecosystem. And then ones coming in new, you can be building on another chain as long as you have some component of your stack on NEAR then you can apply and be part of NEAR Horizon,  ” she adds. “It is also incredibly composable, so we were able to fork different attributes that were already available on BOS and make use of them in our front end, so it made it a lot quicker to actually develop.”

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