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Cosmose and NEAR Foundation Set To Revolutionize Retail with Web3 and AI

NEAR Foundation
April 24, 2023

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) wave is touching just about every corner of commerce and culture, and retail is no exception. Cosmose AI, one of the leaders in AI and retail, has received a strategic investment from NEAR Foundation to create Web3, mobile, and retail experiences that enhance personalization without sacrificing privacy or security.

“NEAR is the most secure, scalable, and sustainable blockchain protocol,” says Miron Mironiuk, founder and CEO of Cosmose. “As such, we’re grateful for the ongoing support from NEAR Foundation and are excited about what’s to come.”

By utilizing the NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS) and AI-powered retail personalization, Cosmose gives users access to their data and personalized recommendations. This move toward a decentralized and user-focused Web3 future emphasizes how AI and blockchain have the power to completely alter current business structures in the retail sector.

With the help of NEAR’s technology and ecosystem, Cosmose can now change conventional retail business models and produce hyper-personalized shopping experiences that increase loyalty and happiness. These experiences will include its flagship mobile application KaiKai and a suite of AI-powered personalization tools.

Personalizing retail with Web3 experiences

Shopper and user personalization is nothing new in retail, but Cosmose is blazing a new trail with the power of its proprietary AI engine. Cosmose’s AI gathers and analyzes user data to produce suggestions and experiences that are uniquely tailored to each user. 

By building on NEAR, Cosmose is able to help retailers develop stronger customer interactions while also addressing privacy and data security issues endemic to Web2 retail data collection. Cosmose and its KaiKai mobile app are trusted by top brands including LVMH, Richemont, L’Oréal, and Estée Lauder.

“Having built on NEAR in 2022 and while working with NEAR Foundation we discovered that our visions for the Web3-driven future are aligned,” Mironiuk continues.

Through the partnership, Cosmose will be able to offer individualized experiences to its worldwide clientele through a number of channels, including online, in-store, and mobile. 

“This investment from NEAR Foundation is a testament to Cosmose AI’s strength and potential to revolutionize e-commerce and the retail industry,” said George Raymond Zage III, founder and CEO of Tiga Investments and a Cosmose board member. “We’re excited to see Cosmose AI’s continued growth and success.”

KaiKai: Introducing “Shoppertainment” on the NEAR Blockchain Operating System

KaiKai, Cosmose AI’s flagship product, shopping, retail, and gamification to create a new category altogether: Shoppertainment. The mobile shopping experience is constructed in a very unique way, using the BOS as a backbone to make brand discovery and engagement more fun and rewarding.

Some of KaiKai’s features that brands are already using include:

  • Exclusive product drops available for a limited time
  • Augmented Reality (AR) technology that brings products to life
  • Livestreams featuring celebrities and influencers
  • Ads displayed on users’ lock screens without interruptions
  • Geolocation features displaying available products in the user’s area
  • Rewards for collecting products and writing reviews
  • A secure Near wallet accessible via the KaiKai app

KaiKai also features a native cryptocurrency called Kai-Ching, which users earn and spend like any other retail rewards program. The difference is that Cosmose’s AI provides more personalized recommendations and rewards suggestions, with customers easily transacting on the NEAR blockchain with a native KaiKai crypto wallet.

“We’re excited to support Cosmose as it continues to scale rapidly and create new ways for retailers to offer customers the best offline and online shopping experiences,” noted Marieke Flament, CEO of the NEAR Foundation. “Cosmose has already been building on NEAR testnet, and with this additional support it will have many more opportunities to grow and expand its offerings with Web3 in a sustainable, transparent, and infinitely scalable way.” 

Flament added: “Cosmose’s excellent AI innovation will help to intensify its global marketplace lead, and with superior AI-driven personalization, its user base will undoubtedly continue to grow as new and existing customers are seamlessly transitioned into the world of Web3 and all the exciting opportunities it brings.”

It’s no secret that AI is turning industries, communities, and business models on their heads – and that’s not a bad thing. NEAR Foundation’s commitment to developing Cosmose’s retail technology, including KaiKai, signals that consumers will now be even more empowered with more personal recommendations, a “shoppertaining” experience, and the sound of “Kai-Ching” as they earn crypto rewards powered by NEAR and BOS.

“Together we’ll build a future where one billion users benefit from the ecosystem they’re part of, with complete control of their data and superior AI-driven personalization,” said Mironiuk.

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