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How GLASS is Uncorking Adult Beverage Loyalty with Web3 and NEAR 

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August 10, 2023

GLASS, the world’s first compliant Web3 community and loyalty platform for the $1.6 trillion alcohol industry, is deploying on the NEAR blockchain to engage social drinkers. Founded by Zoe Leavitt, who formerly led early-stage social and entertainment investing for the VC arm of AB InBev, the world’s largest beer company, and serial blockchain entrepreneur and compliance tech expert Calvin Pak, GLASS redefines the ways alcohol brands connect with consumers during social occasions.

GLASS’s compliance infrastructure allows wine, beer, and spirits brands to directly engage social drinkers, introducing groundbreaking innovation to an industry navigating strict legal restrictions when it comes to sales and marketing.

Rather than spending seven million dollars on a 30-second Super Bowl ad spot, what if alcohol brands could send drinks directly to over four hundred thousand fan watch parties? Tapping into Web3, this is the future that GLASS plans to create. Brands on GLASS use tokens to incentivize fans to try new cocktail recipes, socialize with friends, vote on brand decisions, and more; and fans can use those tokens to unlock exclusive rewards and experiences. 

Prominent brands stir up social engagement with GLASS

Premium alcohol brands are already live on this groundbreaking new platform. These include premium Italian winemaker Lyons Wine; Talkhouse Encore, the canned cocktail brand affiliated with legendary music hall The Stephen Talkhouse; Hotaling & Co’s Fiero Tequila, the spiciest infused tequila in the US; and Junipero Gin, the original American craft gin. Each brand is prepped to offer its customers unique rewards — from exclusive merchandise to money-can’t buy-experiences on Web3 with GLASS and the NEAR blockchain. 

“We see great potential in building the Lyons Wine community on GLASS,” said Lyons Wine CEO and founder Chris Lyons. “Lyons Wine has always been driven by community and innovation, and we’re excited to leverage web3 to bring exclusive rewards to our network through this platform.”

Through upcoming integrations with alcohol e-commerce and point-of-sale platforms, GLASS members will be able to track purchases and earn for purchasing as well as socializing — in ways that comply with each member’s local regulations. From the bar, to the friend’s house, to the stadium, GLASS creates a unified platform for fans and brands to engage across the full universe of social occasions.   

“We’re excited to use this new platform to engage and grow the Fiero Tequila community of ‘heat seekers’ who rally around the spiciest infused tequila in the U.S,” said Jordan Parker, Head of Marketing for the Agave Portfolio at Hotaling & Co. “The platform will help us bring our community together around the unique, social activations that Fiero has planned.”

GLASS will continue to announce new brand partnerships and roll out new features throughout the summer and fall. Consumers can sign up directly at to start earning tokens today.

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