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Innovative Alliance Marks Milestone That Drives Digital Finance 

April 25, 2024

Today NEAR Foundation announced a partnership with Lulo X and Peersyst Technology. The goal of the collaboration is to redefine the parameters of digital finance by offering a secure, stable digital currency that broadens economic perspectives within Web3. As a result, Lulo X users will enjoy greater autonomy and less friction over their finances.

Lulo X, a pioneering Colombian fintech firm, is on a mission to challenge financial barriers and help users build a better future. This partnership will leverage NEAR Protocol’s innovative blockchain technology to facilitate seamless and secure transactions, while also building their native stablecoin on the NEAR blockchain.

“We are building a financial infrastructure that is characterized by its ease of use and robust security. We want to improve the most basic financial activities, ensuring digital transactions and making financial tools accessible to everyone,” says Natalia Jiménez, CEO of Lulo X.

Peersyst Technology brings its expertise in blockchain implementation to ensure the robustness of the platform. Together with NEAR, the two organizations will create cutting-edge solutions that simplify the complexities of digital finance, offering users more control over their economic activities.

Expanding Financial Horizons with Lulo X

Lulo X’s commitment, as articulated by CEO Natalia Jiménez, is to dismantle financial barriers through a platform noted for its ease of use, security, and democratization of finance.

“We are at the forefront of a new era where technology powers sustainability in finance. Partnering with the NEAR Foundation is a step towards redefining digital finance to be secure, inclusive and democratic. This alliance is the key to a future where financial empowerment is a universal right. We are committed to a future that is not only prosperous but sustainable, aligning financial growth with the well-being of our planet,” Jiménez says. 

This collaboration with NEAR will amplify the security and efficiency of transactions, integrating biometric safeguards and fraud prevention measures that underline Lulo X’s dedication to user protection. It’s founded on principles of financial education, regulatory cooperation, and innovative infrastructure. 

NEAR’s advanced blockchain technology supports Lulo X’s vision, facilitating the development of tailored financial products that foster informed decision-making and economic inclusion. The Lulo X stablecoin on NEAR is a major step in that direction.

Ensuring Success with Peersyst Technology

Peersyst Technology will also be instrumental in implementing the NEAR Protocol’s innovative stablecoin solutions, bringing a wealth of experience in blockchain projects. Their technical prowess ensures that the infrastructure developed with Lulo X is not only scalable but also robust enough to handle the complexities of real-world financial applications. 

“Peersyst’s commitment to the development of blockchain-powered currencies and payment systems, especially in Latin America, has been unwavering. Our collaboration with leading protocols is a testament to the maturity of the technology, paving the way for its widespread adoption in finance.” highlights Ferran Prat, CEO of Peersyst.

This partnership leverages Peersyst’s blockchain expertise to ensure the stable and efficient operation of financial solutions. By integrating cutting-edge blockchain technology with NEAR’s platform, Peersyst facilitates the creation of financial services that are both secure and user-friendly, enhancing the overall reliability of the system. 

Their contribution is vital for developing a framework that supports high transaction volumes and complex data security requirements, essential for fostering trust and widespread adoption among users.

The NEAR Ecosystem Continues to Broaden Fintech

The partnerships between NEAR, Lulo X, and Peersyst Technology aims to introduce robust, scalable financial solutions that make economic activities more accessible and efficient.

“This partnership with Lulo X and Peersyst is a step forward in harnessing Stablecoins for fast and cost-effective payments. It reflects our mutual goal of democratizing financial access and expanding NEAR’s presence in Latin America. The high performance and low fees of the NEAR Protocol are poised to deliver unparalleled benefits for Web3 users and applications, catalyzing stablecoin-based payment solutions in the region.”

The partnership is a sign of major progress in fintech. By providing the platform and resources for innovations like savings in digital dollars and – bolstered by Peersyst and the NEAR blockchain – the intersection of finance and the open web will become more safe, fair, and inclusive.

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