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Interactive Polygon zkEVM App Dashboard Launches on the NEAR Blockchain Operating System 

NEAR Foundation
July 18, 2023

NEAR Foundation is excited to announce that an interactive Polygon zkEVM app dashboard, has just launched on the Blockchain Operating System (BOS). This debut of Polygon zkEVM on the BOS will not only increase accessibility and discoverability for zkEVM developers and users on the open web, but also vastly improve user experience. 

Polygon zkEVM is the first zero-knowledge scaling solution compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine to integrate smart contracts and developer tools. The Polygon ecosystem DEX QuickSwap will host the dashboard, which will include BOS components for Polygon’s zkEVEM bridge and several top Polygon decentralized applications (dApps) including QuickSwap, Gamma, PancakeSwap, and Balancer.

With the interactive Polygon zkEVM app dashboard on the BOS, users can now discover and use zkEVM projects in a frictionless way. All of this can be done on one website, with users only needing to connect their wallet once to get started. The dashboard also simplifies access, making components uncensorable, highly available, and resilient. Users can also run their own version of the site since all code is open source and verifiable on-chain as a security feature. 

With this new dashboard on NEAR BOS, Polygon zkEVM developers will unlock a seamless onboarding experience and the quick-start components for which the BOS is known. The collaboration will accelerate the creation of dApps that will onboard billions of users into the open web. 

A major NEAR x Polygon ecosystem deployment 

The new Polygon zkEVM dashboard now combines the benefits of zero knowledge technology with the power of the BOS to unlock seamless onboarding to Web3. The NEAR and Polygon zkEVM collaboration brings a new suite of zero knowledge development capabilities to zkEVM developers and lets them build apps that can reach more users from day one.

The Polygon-NEAR ecosystem deployment underscores the BOS’s utility in helping developers easily deploy their own dApps with on-chain frontend code. With the BOS, any zkEVM app can now benefit from greater accessibility for developers and users alike, easier discoverability for the apps they build, and powerful composability. 

“The interactive zkEVM app dashboard  is an exciting tool  to support developers and accelerate the pace of large-scale usage of Web3,” said Jack Melnick at Polygon Labs. “NEAR BOS powers the platform as a means to achieve an easy and reliable way to onboard, which is critical to improving the dApp user experience and giving greater infrastructure accessibility.”

The BOS makes it faster and easier than ever for developers on NEAR, Polygon, and other open web platforms to build multi-chain apps and experiences. The BOS also empowers builders to focus more on creating great products for users than on managing infrastructure. 

“The Polygon ecosystem is achieving great traction in the blockchain space among developers and enterprises alike,” Illia Polosukhin, co-founder of NEAR. “We’re excited for this deployment to unlock discoverability for applications across the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem, powered by NEAR Blockchain Operating System. Developers on Polygon zkEVM will now be able to quickly bring applications to market by reusing thousands of decentralized components.”

A common layer for browsing and discovering open web experiences, the BOS makes Web3 app development fast and easy, offering a comprehensive quick-start toolset for developers from any ecosystem. Developers can quickly build composable apps for the open web from thousands of flexible components, seamlessly onboard users, get real-time feedback from actual users, and increase discoverability across the open web, since all apps utilizing BOS are all visible on a common interface. 

With the shared mission of Polygon Labs and NEAR to accelerate mainstream adoption of the open web, and increase options for developers across blockchains and ecosystems, Polygon zkEVM’s integration on the NEAR BOS is a major step forward to empower more developers to scale Ethereum with the latest  zero knowledge technology.
Get started today with Polygon zkEVM on the BOS. 

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