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Introducing 4 NEAR apps at Consensus Distributed

May 6, 2020

It’s only halfway through the week and it’s been busy at NEAR — the just-announced MainNet has now produced over 1.5 million blocks since genesis and we’ve hosted over a dozen talks, workshops and events as part of organizing the epic Ready Layer One conference (which ends today).  This rolls into the RL1 Hackathon over the next two weeks and… we’ll probably find time to sleep someday.

At this point, we’ve told the story of Open Money, Open Finance and the Open Web but the best way to make this concrete is to see real examples.  With MainNet out, we want to begin surfacing some of the fantastic applications that are building on NEAR and use them to help explain why the NEAR platform is so special.  That’s why we’re firing up the coffee pot for another leap onto the virtual stage to showcase the following teams at next week’s Consensus: Distributed conference:

  1. 1inch Exchange (Anton Bukov), a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregation platform which allows teams to find the best prices on the market.  Typically, trying to move high volumes on DEXes results in poor fills and price slippage but they help spread the volume out across multiple exchanges to prevent this.  Their platform relies on fast and low cost transactions, which is part of what brought them to build on NEAR.
  2. TessaB (Tanuj Nigam), a company which facilitates the secondary market for mobile devices by removing multiple middlemen from the process. They track provenance, power financial transactions and offer on-device app stores using the blockchain.
  3. Stardust (Canaan Linder), a platform which allows game developers to both increase revenue and improve their players’ experiences by easily adding a secondary marketplace for digital goods.  NEAR gives them a set of UX tools and flexible accounts that no one else can so they can offer the end-users of their game developers a fantastic experience while introducing them to blockchain.
  4. Flux (Peter Mitchell), a protocol which powers easy markets for a variety of applications including helping Twitch streamers create live betting experiences around their streams.  NEAR gives them performance and usability.

Mark your calendar!

NEAR and the four Open Web builders will be presenting at Consensus: Distributed on

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 @ 6-7pm EST

At the event, we’ll provide a brief overview of the NEAR MainNet, take questions from the audience and then allow the projects to shine:

  1. Changelog: The NEAR MainNet is Live (Illia Polosukhin, Co-founder of Near Inc)
  2. Construct: The Open Web Collective with Anton @ 1inch, Tanuj @ TessaB, Canaan @ Stardust and Peter @ Flux.
  3. Closing remarks

In addition, Amos Zhang (Strategic Lead – China @ NEAR) from our team will join forces with Jieli (Jerry) Li (Ant Financial & Alibaba), Harriet Cao (Co-founder @ IRISnet), and Jan Xie (Co-founder @ Nervos ) on a session hosted by Coindesk China at Consensus Distributed. The session will start at 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM EST (or 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Beijing Time) on May 12th.  

How can you join?

Register for Consensus (it’s free) and find us on the virtual stage.  See you there!

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