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Meta Pool Launches Enterprise Node Operators Program

NEAR Foundation
February 7, 2024


  • The Enterprise Node Operators program aims to onboard top-tier Institutions and companies into the NEAR Ecosystem.
  • Meta Pool, the liquid staking solution built on NEAR, partnered with the NEAR Foundation to provide guidance and oversee the rollout and operation of the program.
  • Enterprise Node operators contribute to marketing, community building, and financial support.

Meta Pool proudly introduces the Enterprise Node Operators (ENO) program, marking a significant milestone in institutional engagement for the NEAR Ecosystem. In collaboration with the NEAR Foundation, Meta Pool has curated a strategic initiative that empowers top-tier companies to contribute to the NEAR community’s growth, security, and decentralization. 

The ENO program kicked off successfully in November 2023 with a vision to establish global institutional support and foster relationships with industry leaders. Now with more than fifteen projects onboarded, the Meta Pool team is excited to spread the word and seek to further grow the program. Each participating ENO is committed to advancing the NEAR Ecosystem, focusing on key areas such as marketing, institutional growth, and financial support.

The primary goal of the ENO program is to enhance the NEAR Ecosystem’s institutional network by forging partnerships with enterprise-grade companies. These companies, in turn, facilitate the onboarding of their partners into the NEAR community, fostering a collaborative and interconnected environment that contributes to the overall growth of NEAR.

As the operational backbone of the program, Meta Pool plays a pivotal role in guiding and facilitating ENOs. This includes managing the distribution of staking allocated to the program. Currently, there is a substantial pool of 5,000,000 $NEAR tokens earmarked to support the staking activities of these Enterprise Node Operators.

Here is a list of some current participating ENOs so far (note that this list will be updated as new ENOs are added to the program):

  • North Stake
  • Colossus
  • Luga Nodes
  • Sensei Node
  • DSRV Labs
  • Triton One
  • Stakin
  • Frens Validator
  • Grassets Tech
  • Nodes International
  • Alpha Nodes
  • A41
  • Money Crypt
  • Stable Lab
  • Alum Labs

The launch of the ENO program signifies Meta Pool’s and the NEAR Foundation’s shared commitment to fostering institutional collaboration and expanding the influence of the NEAR Ecosystem. As the program expands, the ENO initiative aims to strengthen global partnerships, driving collective success and innovation across the decentralized landscape.

 Please join Meta Pool in welcoming these institutions to the NEAR community. For more updates about the ENO program or to refer a participant, follow along on X at @meta_pool or visit their blog.  The Meta Pool team will also host Spaces with each ENO team during the month of February to educate the NEAR community and let enterprise partners share what they are adding to the NEAR ecosystem. 

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