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MetaBuidl Hackathon Winners

September 24, 2021

Over the last three weeks, as part of MetaBuidl, hackers from across the world have been busy creating incredible new ideas and projects that will shape the future direction of crypto as we know it. 

With a total of $1 million in prizes to give away, we had more than 1,600 participants and over 70 submissions across DeFi, gaming, DAOs, and NFTs. 

We also launched hacknodes: physical spaces where hackers could come together in Nigeria, the US, Portugal, Ukraine and China. In a very special town hall event held online, we announced the winners of the competition, which you can more details on below. 

If you’d like to get in touch with any of our winners, join our Discord channel. 

Work Hacks 

This category was for projects related to utilities, governance, DeFi, and other business applications.

In third place was Alevoro, an NFT project that allows holders to borrow against their assets to help collectors generate instant liquidity. 

In second place was NEAR-DRPC, a decentralized RPC network for NEAR that helps infrastructure providers provide fast, smooth service without the need for middlemen. 

In first place was the NEAR-DAO Agency, this project built a one-page interface that allows anyone to build a DAO. Think of it as a DAO in a box, anyone can spin up a DAO on NEAR in just a few clicks. 

Play Hacks 

This category was for dedicated to prizes for challenges related to gaming, art, and memes.  

In third place was Hunt for the Lost Cryptocubes, a choose your own adventure card collecting adventure. 

In second place was Spaceship Wars 13k, a multiplayer spaceship battle game that lets users fight others for the right to earn and collect NFTs. 

In first place in the Play Hacks category was – a metaverse that can be constantly experienced on any device. Go to a gallery as you shop for groceries, or chat on regular social media while talking to random strangers on a digital street. is making the metaverse an easier, simpler place for people to discover the world of Web3. 

Grand Prize Winner 

The project that scooped the grand prize for MetaBuidl was, a real-time token streaming service built for the NEAR ecosystem. 

Judges were amazed by the way the project has re-invented pay-roll by allowing tokens to be streamed to users’ wallets instantly with just one click. No more individual transactions, just click and stream. also allows projects to issue grants without step-by-step payouts, and send money easily to community members for repeatable tasks. The potential of is a future where people can take control of their finances in a predictable and accessible way without third parties and gatekeepers.  

We like to thank everyone that took part in MetaBuidl and to look out for more hackathons coming up very soon! 

Below is a summary of all the winners. 

Work Hacks Prize Winners

Dedicated prizes for challenges related to utilities, governance, DeFi, and other SRS BZNZ.

3rd Prize ($10,000) – Alevoro

2nd Prize ($20,000) – NEAR-DRPC

1st Prize ($30,000) – NEAR-DAO

Play Hacks Prize Winners 

Dedicated prizes for challenges related to gaming, art, memes, and blue-sky thinking.

3rd Prize ($10,000) – Hunt for the Lost Cryptocubes

2nd Prize ($20,000) – Sponsorship Wars 13k

1st Prize ($30,000) –

Grand Prize Winner 

Roketo – $40,000 

Missed the event? You can watch the whole thing here.

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