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NEAR and Dropt to Revolutionize Loyalty and Engagement

NEAR Foundation
January 19, 2023

NEAR Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership with Dropt, focused on embedding Web3 technologies into customer loyalty and engagement programs. With ownership and interoperability being critical components in the next generation of the customer experience, Dropt chose to build on NEAR. Its compelling tech stack and powerful tooling offer Dropt the ideal foundation for delivering these features at scale and redefining “frictionless onboarding”.

With Dropt, teams and enterprises can now easily and seamlessly introduce blockchain-powered loyalty and engagement mechanics into their customer journey. These Web3 features will help increase engagement, retention, and lifetime value without customers ever even knowing they are interacting with the blockchain. Customers simply use apps and sites just as they do today, but with new NFT-powered features. 

NEAR and Dropt believe this is the key to mass adoption. Users are not interested in what is happening in the background—they simply want a fun experience that is engaging and rewarding. 

For one of its first integrations, Dropt will be partnering with a NBA championship team, led by one of the most dominant players in the world. 

Blockchain mechanics shift the paradigm for customer engagement

By introducing NFTs to the customer journey, brands immediately integrate an incentive structure into the customer experience that elevates participation and engagement like never before. Branded marketplaces, where customers can interact with tokens, give users the ability to monetize their engagement with a brand.”With Dropt, NFTs can feature different kinds of perks and benefits. In this way, customers are better aligned with the brand’s and naturally become true evangelists.

A changing landscape

In an era where customer expectations are evolving and acquisition costs are rising, Dropt’s highly curated experiences enable brands to exceed these expectations. Let’s face it, loyalty is stale. Consumer expectations are shifting—people want to align themselves with brands that connect with authenticity and make consumers feel like part of a community.

Dropt transforms the loyalty experience into a deeper, more community-based level of engagement, enabling brands to better connect with their communities. This not only modernizes how brands engage in this digital era, but also creates new acquisition channels.

To capitalize on this opportunity, NEAR Foundation and Dropt believe user experience is vital. It’s unrealistic to expect customers to change their behavior, which is why Dropt and NEAR are working alongside cutting-edge authentication and gamification partners to build a web that’s both familiar and brings the best of what Web3 has to offer. 

Dropt is confident that in partnering with the Foundation, mass adoption is NEAR.

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