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NEAR and Grupo Nutresa Partner for Customer Experience Innovations in Web3

December 1, 2022

In a groundbreaking and innovative move, NEAR has partnered with Grupo Nutresa, one of the most important processors of food in South America, to bring Web3 to the grocery industry. This will see Grupo Nutresa building one of the first open-source loyalty points programs on NEAR with long-term aspirations to reach a million users in Colombia and Latin America. The partnership was established through the support of tech firm Peersyst.

Grupo Nutresa customers will in turn gain more autonomy and control of their rewards. Customers will also get additional security and the reassurance that points will not be stolen or denied, and can be transferred more efficiently. Leveraging NEAR’s technology will also increase usability and accessibility of the rewards system as a whole, saving customers from having to create multiple accounts or different logins for multiple platforms — they just need their easy to use NEAR wallet.

“We are excited to partner with one of the biggest multinationals in Latin America and help it to lead the way through its first Web3 loyalty programme,” says NEAR Foundation CEO Marieke Flament. “Leveraging NEAR’s first-rate technology, the partnership will redefine what is possible when combining retail with the latest blockchain innovation, not just in Latin America but throughout the rest of the world.” 

Usability is key to loyalty

Rewarding customers for their support has always been a priority for the world’s top brands. Such programs not only engage customers and deliver incentives for them to return but also act as analytical tools, giving businesses insights into customers’ behaviour and preferences. 

With 87% of shoppers reporting they want brands to have loyalty programs and over 70% of consumers more likely to recommend a brand with a robust loyalty program, Web3 and digital wallets are pushing forward-thinking brands to explore new opportunities on platforms that are easy to use. 

As one of the biggest multinationals in Colombia, Grupo Nutresa manages several loyalty programs for its customers, collaborators, and providers. Those loyalty programs are now coming together into a single easy-to-use platform underpinned by blockchain technology, through support from Spanish technology company Peersyst Technology.

Onboarding the masses into NEAR and Web3

Grupo Nutresa sees NEAR as the ideal partner for these types of loyalty programs. NEAR Foundation sees the Grupo Nutresa partnership as a great opportunity to onboard the masses into the NEAR and Web3 ecosystems.  

“Our purpose is to make people feel recognized and valued by brands. Above all, what interests us most is that this is an opportunity to help build their dreams, through a service that provides them with significant redemption options and value,” says  Fabián Andrés Restrepo, Digital Transformation Leader at Grupo Nutresa. “This invitation is also addressed to companies that want to help make people’s dreams come true and reward their loyal customers, by becoming an ally of Grupo Nutresa and its portfolio of businesses. We see in NEAR an important ally for developing and implementing Grupo Nutresa’s loyalty strategy.” 

NEAR’s sustainability credentials also align with Grupo Nutresa’s own business strategy and deep commitment to create value for society as a whole. According to the 2021 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, Grupo Nutresa has been voted as the most sustainable food company in the world for two consecutive years, thanks to its effective implementation of social, environmental, and economic practices. 

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