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NEAR at ETHDenver: Building a Multi-Chain Future

February 9, 2022

It’s that time of the year when Open Web builders head to the Web3 castle in Denver, Colorado. ETHDenver is upon us, and the NEAR community will be there with a full slate of events (February 15-20) focused on building a multi-chain future. 

Why is the NEAR community attending ETHDenver? Good question. The NEAR community believes in a collaborative, decentralized, multi-chain ecosystem of Open Web and Metaverse platforms. Projects like Aurora and Rainbow Bridge, for example, have helped build simple and secure bridges between NEAR and Ethererum, allowing users and developers to freely move assets between the two networks. 

The NEAR community is a big believer in a multi-chain future, whereby interoperable blockchains work collaboratively to build simple, scalable, and secure ways to onboard the world to Web3.

NEAR @ETHDenver  

The NEAR community is part of ETHDenver’s Kickoff with the NEAR #BUIDLWEEK Lounge. Stop by the NEAR #BUIDLWEEK Lounge (at the Jonas Brothers Building at 1037 N. Broadway), which is open to all from Tuesday, February 15 through February 17 starting at 10am MST. Here you’ll find a whole host of blockchain events, including panels, speakers, workshops, demos, and happy hours all designed to empower and educate attendees. There will be a slew of partnered programming from Brave, CoinFund, Aurora, Octopus Network, and more.

For the full schedule and information about NEAR at #BUIDLWEEK and Main Event, please visit our sign-up page. We also encourage all NEARians attending virtually and in-person to tune into NEAR’s Twitter Spaces.  

The NEAR community is also a Cypher Sponsor of ETH Denver. We’ll have additional panels, talks, and workshops for the Open Web community, and will be taking part in the hackathon, which wraps on February 20. The NEAR community also has a number of bounties for ETHDenver hackathon participants, which will be announced through ETHDenver next week. 

Check out ETHDenver’s full schedule, where you can learn more about featured NEAR sessions and more. 

NEAR #BUIDLWEEK Lounge Program – Let’s Build a Multi-Chain Future

A number of NEAR community partners will be joining us at ETHDenver within the NEAR #BUIDLWEEK Lounge.

On Monday, the 14th at 3:00pm MST, tune in for a YouTube livestream hosted by NEAR Co-Founder Illia Polosukhin on the fundamentals of building on NEAR. Watch as he codes and goes deep into the art of developing on NEAR in real-time. 

On Tuesday, February 15, Octopus Network will host talks on appchains, GameFi, game Guilds, NFTs, the Metaverse, as well as community building and network effects. After lunch, join NEAR community teams for sessions on Sharding and Developer Tools ending the day with a Developer Office Hours Happy Hour.

Wednesday the 16th starts off with a “In Rust We Trust Brunch” followed by some programming with Aurora, Meta Pool, and Brave. Meet Aurora’s CEO Alex Shevchenko and learn How to Build on Aurora, the Ethereum scaling solution on NEAR. Daniel Bocanegra, who leads Business Development at Aurora will host a session on “Getting Onboarded to Aurora’s Ecosystem.”Stop by for other panels and presentations by the MoonNoobs DAO platform, Renaissance DAO, API3, and more. 

We’ll end the 16th with Brave’s DevRel Leader, Sampson, who will cover, “Opportunities for Gaming and NFTs as the Entry to the Masses”, and then we will move into a Fireside Chat between Luke Mulks, Brave’s VP of Business Operations, and NEAR’s Co-Founder Illia Polosukhin. They’ll be exploring the need to build bridges with ETH-based projects, and why blockchain needs the whole ecosystem working towards building simple, scalable, and secure ways to onboard billions to Web3. 

Thursday the 17th is all about DAOversity. Among a range of events showcasing the NEAR community’s commitment to inclusivity, will include the NEAR DAOversity Brunch and Building (Rainbow) Bridges panel, co-hosted by H.E.R. DAO. Join the NEAR community for the brunch, hosted by NEAR Foundation CEO Marieke Flament and Illia Polosukhin, featuring a panel on multi-chain collaborations with founders and project leads building allies across (rainbow) cross-chain bridges. All are welcome!

DAOversity day is also set to feature Research and DAOvelopment programming. This afternoon schedule features a Multi-DAO Workshop as well as presentations on DAOs from Chroncats, Governauts Research Initiative, AstroDAO, and more. 

Notable NEAR Talks at ETH Denver

If you’re looking for some cool talks, then don’t miss the speaking engagement by NEAR Co-Founder Illia Polosukhin. Also, check out Josh Quintal’s “Dev Console Session” on Monday the 14th.

Looking for some other NEAR talks to check out? Then be sure to drop in on a talk being held by MoonNoobs’ Justin Friedman, and the Aurora NFTs Panel Discussion, which features the people behind Endemic, Chronicle, and TENKbay.

How to Claim Your POAP

POAP stands for Proof of Attendance Protocol. A POAP basically proves your attendance at ETH Denver and NEAR events. 

NEAR will be participating in ETHDenver’s POAP scavenger hunt. Be sure to find our table in the shill zone and we will instruct you on what you have to do to claim your POAP. 

Visit the Maker Space NFT Art Gallery

The NEAR #BUIDLWEEK Lounge will also be hosting an NFT Art Gallery. This event is part of our Satellite Maker Space, organized in collaboration with ETH Denver. 

One of the highlights of the Satellite Maker Space will be a new augmented reality mobile application called MozARt, which will integrate NFT features on NEAR. They will have a drawing station, where drawings will come to life in the Satellite Maker space. 

Register and Learn More 

Register for NEAR’s #BUIDLWEEK Lounge at ETH Denver and learn more. There you will find plenty of info on the NEAR community’s agenda, including a schedule of events, what to expect, speaker bios, and hackathon bounties. 

You can also find out more about Developer Console, developer platform for creating and maintaining dapps on NEAR, featuring interactive tutorials, scalable RPC service, and operational metrics. Be one of the first to experience RPC as a service!

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