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NEAR Day at ETHDenver: Ethereum Without Limits

January 20, 2023

ETHDenver is once again upon us. NEAR will be there with a full schedule of talks, panels, bounties, after parties, and more, exploring why NEAR is the place where mainstream adoption of the Open Web will happen. 

NEAR makes building and innovating on Web3 simple, secure, and scalable — all well before “The Merge”. Soon, anyone in the world—devs, founders, creators, and app users — will be able to create without limits. Join us on March 2nd for NEAR Day at ETHDenver — a 1-day mini summit on all things NEAR. From March 3rd to March 5th, join NEAR at ETHDenver for the Main Event and Hackathon.

Registering for NEAR Day is free. Sign up for a spot via the link below to meet people from the NEAR community and join the hackathon! To join NEAR Day at ETHDenver, you will also need an ETHDenver pass.

Why NEAR @ ETH Denver? 

With the Aurora EVM and Rainbow Bridge, the NEAR ecosystem is basically “Ethereum without limits”. While NEAR will be in attendance to help foster a decentralized multi-chain future, NEAR is showcasing why it’s the platform of choice for Web3 builders and onboarding the masses into the Open Web.

Register for NEAR Day at ETHDenver

Builders, creators, and entrepreneurs will find us at NEAR Day, a 1-day mini summit on ETHDenver’s Main Stage of the National Western Complex on March 2nd. From March 3rd – March 5th, find the NEAR ecosystem booth during ETHDenver and mingle with NEAR Devs, Community members, and others from the ecosystem.

To participate at NEAR Day, all you need to do is register via the link below and have an ETHDenver pass. ETHDenver is a free event. Register now to secure your spot and find out why NEAR is the easiest, most accessible, and scalable blockchain in Web3. Stay tuned for more details!

For the full schedule and information about NEAR Day at ETHDenver  as well as #BUIDLWEEK and Main Event, please visit our event page. Check out ETHDenver’s full schedule to learn more about featured NEAR sessions and more. 

Join the Hackathon

Join ETHDenver’s Hackathon and build on NEAR. Members of NEAR Foundation, Aurora, and other projects will be on-site to help onboard devs, creators, and entrepreneurs into NEAR and advise on building dApps. 

Building on NEAR is easy and fun, and you’ll instantly be part of a vibrant and supportive community. Let’s get you started!

Notable Speakers at NEAR Day and ETHDenver

Catch a number of exciting NEAR speakers and sessions at NEAR Day and ETHDenver. The final list of participants and sessions is still being solidified. However, we do have some speakers to highlight. 

  • Illia Polusukhin – NEAR Co-founder, CEO of NEAR
  • Marieke Flament – CEO of NEAR Foundation
  • Alex Shevchenko – CEO of Aurora Labs
  • Alex Skidanov – NEAR Co-founder
  • Polina Aladina – OnMachina Co-Founder

Learn about our other speakers at the NEAR Day event page.

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