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NEAR Foundation and ARterra Labs Level Up Gaming Fandom for the Open Web

NEAR Foundation
May 31, 2023

The ever-expanding gaming landscape faces significant challenges such as engagement and identity fragmentation. As fans navigate platforms like Twitch, Discord, and YouTube, brands and creators struggle to monetize their fan bases effectively. This is where ARterra Labs steps in — a company on a mission to revolutionize fan engagement and unlock Web3 fandom for the gaming industry.

ARterra Labs aims to transform fan engagement in gaming by integrating its innovative Web3 solutions into existing Web2 ecosystems. Bridging the gap between platforms and simplifying monetization, ARterra Labs is set to attract millions of gamers through strategic partnerships and an ambitious plan to onboard over 5 million users, positioning itself as a game-changer in the industry.

As ARterra Labs redefines gaming engagement, the NEAR Foundation’s blockchain technology will play a crucial role, powering ARterra’s innovative solutions such as the credential-based fan passport and the Battle Pass system.  

How ARterra’s Battle Pass is energizing Web3 gaming

ARterra Labs deploys three distinct products aimed at transforming the gaming landscape. With a credential-based fan passport, they offer a secure platform for fans to exhibit their unique identities and interests. 

In addition, they introduce metaverse experiences, allowing fans to interact, engage, and form deeper bonds with their favorite franchises. Completing the trifecta is the Battle Pass system, a tiered reward structure that gamifies fan engagement, incentivizing both participation and loyalty. 

ARterra Labs’ metaverse experiences immerse fans in virtual worlds where they can interact, engage, and connect with their favorite franchises. And the Battle Pass system gamifies fan engagement with a tiered reward system, incentivizing participation and loyalty.
Central to ARterra’s strategy, the Battle Pass is a reward system on the NEAR blockchain, connecting to other chains via the BOS and LayerZero. It propels NFT liquidity within the NEAR ecosystem and unites gaming communities across networks. By rewarding active engagement, Battle Pass bolsters user loyalty and underscores NEAR’s role in settling cross-chain gaming transactions.

Together, these three products serve as the foundation for ARterra Labs’ Experience Hub — an open-source marketplace that enables the creation of User-Generated Content (UGC) experiences for distribution to their extensive network. ARterra’s User-Generated Content (UGC) — primarily enabled through Fortnite’s Creative mode — serves as another cornerstone to its success, already captivating over 46 million gamers and maintaining a steady base of 500,000 monthly players.

User experience and seamless onboarding play a critical role in ushering these gamers into the Web3 ecosystem. Key alliances with industry leaders like Complexity Gaming and GRID Esports’ Champion of Champions Tournament (CCT) further reinforce ARterra’s prominence.

ARterra’s market strategy is twofold. Initially, it centers on activating Web3 fandom, using user-generated content effectively, and fostering unity in the gaming community. The second focus involves collaborating with premier Web3 gaming entities, offering gamer incentives, and constantly refining these tactics with data insights.

Reshaping gaming for an open web

Blending NEAR’s fast and scalable blockchain with ARterra’s innovative approach to gaming, the partnership is set to bring about radical improvements to the Web3 gaming experience. ARterra’s unique tools like the Discord-native tournament platform and the Battle Pass will foster enhanced interactions between gamers, developers, and brands.

The alliance, cemented by a 12-month agreement that’s extendable indefinitely, emphasizes the faith NEAR Foundation is placing in ARterra’s potential. This cooperative venture bolsters NEAR’s position as the gaming fandom’s settlement layer across multiple chains while also ensuring priority access for NEAR ecosystem games to ARterra’s platform.

It’s also a win-win for both players and builders. Gamers gain an immersive environment where rewards and exclusive content are the norm. Developers are offered a supportive platform, underpinned by the NEAR BOS and protocol, while brands can tap into a vibrant, engaged, and diverse audience.

With ARterra Labs and NEAR Foundation’s shared vision, the focus will be on expanding and refining gaming platforms to attract more users, developers, and partners. The two will be dedicated to adding value within the gaming community, setting the stage for a significant growth spurt in the NEAR and Web3 gaming ecosystems alike.

Amplifying the open web gaming journey with Battle Pass, metaverse realities, and the fan passport, ARterra Labs and NEAR Foundation don’t merely enhance the experience — they define a new standard. It’s a game-changing era in Web3 and fans are just barely unlocking the first level.

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