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NEAR Foundation and Sail GP Elevate Mobile Fan Engagement with The Dock

NEAR Foundation
July 20, 2023

SailGP and NEAR Foundation are embarking on a daring journey where sports meets blockchain. SailGP’s The Dock platform is ready to make waves and redefine fan engagement in both sailing and sports at large. After its maiden voyage as a web-based platform on June 13th, The Dock is now ready to drop anchor with the launch of the new mobile app.

The Dock is SailGP’s free loyalty program that brings fans closer than ever to the sport and will now be available in both Apple and Google Play Stores. And by leveraging the NEAR blockchain, users of The Dock will be able to claim unique rewards and digital assets using Web3 to engage sports fans like never before.

Not to mention that The Dock is powered in part by Oracle, making the triad of SailGP and NEAR an excellent representation of building bridges between Web2 and Web3. 

The Dock: A revolution in Fan Engagement

The Dock is an immersive loyalty platform designed to reward and engage sports and sailing enthusiasts globally. The platform — and now mobile app — gives fans a chance to create personalized accounts, engage with unique and exclusive SailGP content, and earn points redeemable for exclusive rewards. 

With offerings ranging from VIP access to SailGP events and signed merchandise to once-in-a-lifetime experiences with teams and athletes, The Dock is every fan’s passport to an interactive way of engaging with their favorite SailGP athletes and teams. The platform essentially encourages fans to interact more, and in doing so earn more. 

With each interaction —± through videos, stories, behind-the-scenes content, quizzes, surveys, and polls — fans earn points that propel them closer to becoming a SailGP Champion. The accumulation of points unlocks new levels, each promising a unique set of exclusive benefits, enhancing the overall SailGP experience.

The Dock and NEAR Protocol: A synergistic partnership

A standout feature of The Dock is its fusion of Oracle’s CrowdTwist platform with the NEAR Protocol, symbolizing an industry-first partnership that bridges Web2 and Web3. This collaboration showcases how traditional and decentralized technologies can come together to revolutionize fan engagement in sports.

Through the Dock’s ‘Season Pass’, fans can link an existing NEAR account or create a new one. This paves the way for exciting blockchain-based rewards, including digital collectibles commemorating their progress. Fans can also trade these digital collectibles for limited-edition collectibles, adding another layer of engagement and excitement.

“Data is at the heart of SailGP — from the mid-race decisions made on the water to the league’s continued innovation around fan engagement,” said Rob Tarkoff, EVP of customer experience at Oracle. “We’re excited to support their newest CX initiative, The Dock, as they redefine their approach to the fan experience.”

SailGP’s journey with Oracle and NEAR

Since its inception in 2019, SailGP has harnessed the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to expand from a five-team, six-event startup to one of the fastest-growing sports leagues in the world with ten teams competing in 12 events throughout 2023 and 2024. Oracle has stepped up as the Title Partner for the inaugural Los Angeles Sail Grand Prix. Scheduled for July 22 and 23, it’s a thrilling new addition to SailGP’s 12-event global calendar for Season 4, which kicks off in Chicago on June 16.

“Oracle’s cloud technology is at the heart of everything we do at SailGP, and this partnership extension reflects the power and results of our collaboration,” says Warren Jones, chief technology officer, SailGP. “We have no doubt Oracle will take our fan and athlete experience to even greater heights in the seasons to come and The Dock is a great example of this.”

With the launch of The Dock’s mobile app, this exciting world of interactive sailboat racing, fan engagement, and blockchain rewards is now just a tap away. Anyone can download the app and embark on their journey to become a SailGP Champion, while also exploring the new fandom possibilities offered by the blend of Web2 and Web3 technologies.

NEAR’s mission is to push the boundaries of the Web3 world, create experiences that allow everyone to engage with decentralized technology, and foster partnerships that provide real-world utility for blockchain. Whether you’re immersed in the NEAR ecosystem or a sports enthusiast intrigued by the intersection of blockchain and sports.

The Dock promises an exciting glimpse into the future of fan engagement and loyalty platforms while bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 with Oracle and NEAR. 
Download The Dock mobile app today on the Apple App Store or Google Play and get started on your interactive journey.

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