NEAR Foundation Funding Team Report: September 2022 – NEAR Protocol

NEAR Foundation Funding Team Report: September 2022

NEAR Foundation
November 18, 2022

Welcome to the NEAR Foundation Funding Team Report that captures and highlights data for the month of September 2022. The purpose of this document is to provide transparency regarding what happened during the last month in our Funding Team, and is to be shared publicly to the ecosystem and our investor network.


1. Grant data

1.2. Approved Grant program data

1.2. Grant highlights

1.3 Completed Projects & Milestone data

1.4 Effectiveness of the funding program

2. External funding in the NEAR Ecosystem

3. Ecosystem highlights

1. Grant data

1.1. Approved Grant Program data

Data reflects projects that have applied for a Grant via the Grants Program and that have been signed by the NEAR Foundation during the month of September (01.09.2022 to 30.09.2022).

 *Note: all applications have been processed.

General Grant data

Applications received*   📥 Grant Agreements  signed  ✅ Conversion rate Average Grant amount  Committed amount in dollars 💵
139 25 17% $78 K $1.9  M

Grant tracks**

Activation (up to $10 K) 5
Small Builder (up to $25 K) 4
Builder (up to $50 K) 11
Advanced Builder (up to $100 K) 4
Partner ($ ∞) 2

** Please note that our current grant tracks have been updated. For more information please have a look at our updated grant tracks.

Grants per category 

Gaming / Metaverse – 7

Infrastructure / Wallets – 6

NFTs – 4

Other – 4

Social Impact – 2

Institutional / Financial – 2

Grants per country (Top 5)

United States – 8

United Kingdom – 2

Switzerland – 2

Malaysia – 2

Ukraine – 1

1.2. Grant highlights 

This section provides highlights of grants that have been signed during the month.

Gaming / Metaverse projects 

Name Website Grant track Location 
Arcnes website Advanced Builder Poland
Bonuz website Advanced Builder Dubai
Arhead website Builder United Arab Emirates
Bearverse website Builder United States
Gameplace by ZomboDucks website Builder Israel
Joystick website Small Builder Nigeria
Open character creator website Activation United States

Infrastructure / Wallets projects 

Name Website Grant track Location 
OnMachina website Partner United States
Meteor Wallet website Builder Malaysia
Verisoul website Builder United States
near.js –  / Small Builder Ukraine
Java-SDK part 3 website Small Builder Switzerland
Tonana Bridge & Connectors website Activation Czech Republic

Institutional / Financial projects 

Name Website Grant track Location 
Defolio / Partner United Kingdom
Near Access / Activation United States

Social Impact projects 

Name Website Grant track Location 
BeeTogether website Builder Switzerland 
GRVTY website Builder United Kingdom

NFT’s projects 

Name Website Grant track Location 
NEAR NFT DAO website Builder United States
Naksh website Small Builder India
3six9 NFT Marketplace website Activation Malaysia
Solar Dex website Activation United States

Other projects 

Name Website Grant track Location 
Three0 website Builder United States
NextHollywood website Builder United States
Crowdclass website Builder Portugal
Alpha Leaks Activation Australia

1.3 Completed Projects & Milestone data 

Grant agreements are structured with milestones. Depending on the selected grant track, a grant can have from 1 to 5 milestones. For more information the funding team invites you to explore our milestone guide

Projects having completed a milestone  ☑️ 61
Projects having completed final milestone 13

Projects completed per category 

Gaming / Metaverse – 1

Infrastructure / Wallets – 5

NFTs – 1

DAOs – 3

Other – 3

Gaming / Metaverse

Alien Esports Industry website  Builder United States
Alien Esports Industry is a  platform to hold esports tournaments with integrated game mechanics that provide unique opportunities to gamers.

Infrastructure / Wallets 

Kuutamo website Advanced Builder Denmark
Kuutamo is building out an enterprise-grade staking node management and reporting system dedicated to support NEAR and NEAR-affiliated networks. Kuutamo will provide practical tooling to enable individuals and organizations to operate secure, honest, and profitable validators in a straightforward way. 
Blockperks website Advanced Builder United Kingdom
Blockperks is building a complete Web3 infrastructure and NFT marketplace for brands, artists, and creators to successfully bridge from Web2 to Web3 with NEAR. Blockperks provides the platform architecture and an adaptive social media dApp so that organizations, clients, and end-users can easily onboard and tokenize assets through the creating and trading of NFT’s. 
Solace Protocol website Activation India
Solace is a program (smart-contract) based non-custodial wallet for NEAR which eases user’s onboarding and enhances security using social recovery, written in Rust.
Emblem Vault website Builder United States
Emblem Vault is an application that collects the value of a portfolio within a token, you can also add non-blockchain assets to the portfolio.
Java SDK – Part 3 website Small Builder Switzerland
From the team who delivered the Java-API part 1/2 and that took over the Borshj for maintenance. This time they would like to further enhance the Java API and implement services to create accounts, manage additional reward structure, and call other smart contracts methods.


NFT Marketplace for Science IPs website  Advanced Builder United States
NFT Marketplace for Science IPs is building a NFT marketplace for science IPs on top of our data & AI ecosystem platform, for which the project  innovates with smart contracts for best services to scientists worldwide.


Deep Skills website  Builder British Virgin Islands
Deep Skills aims to diverse options of how current organizations recruit, educate, and coordinate talented individuals.
Gyde website  Builder United States
Gyde connects users with helping services that they are looking for. The DAO provides incentives via a token to allocate to reviewers on the platform. The DAO also acts as a data provider selling to governments and think tanks driving incentives for power users.
NEAR Alexandria github  Builder Brazil
NEAR Alexandria Is building the largest virtual library for NEAR content and academic content. The team will use metabuilders, meta designers, NEAR DAO council members and academics to build the virtual building, the objects, and the links from all the real books, papers, articles and texts in general that will be in the library.


Vital Point AI website  Builder Canada
Vital Point AI is focused on open-source blockchain development using NEAR Protocol. With a proven record of delivering quality tutorials and dedication to the NEAR ecosystem, helping scale Vital Point Academy will benefit NEAR and the ecosystem in various ways.
Aerx website  Builder Russia
A decentralized modular social network where any user can own their content according to the create2eart principle.
NEAR NYC website  Builder United States
NEAR NYC is a dedicated NEAR community in NYC that will scale NEAR awareness and education by organizing bi-weekly meetups, managing localized social media accounts (Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Meetup, Eventbrite), establish partnerships with community leaders, and organizing a NEAR NYC hacker house.

1.4 Effectiveness of the funding program  

Total external funding (overall amount) came from projects that have received a grant (around 44%).

2. External funding in the NEAR Ecosystem

This section provides information about external funding in the NEAR ecosystem

  • 12 closed projects in Q3 ‘22 – ($92.2M)
  • 4 finalizing rounds
  • 18 new fundraising processes kicked off 
  • 38 VC intros made
  • Closed Rounds (September data)
    • Sender Wallet Raised a $4.5M private round led by Pantera Capital with participation from, Jump, Amber Group, Woo Network, SevenX Ventures, Shima Capital, and others.
    • HillridgeRaised a $2.3M seed round to address climate protection in the agriculture industry with their Insurtech solution building on NEAR.
  • Closed Rounds (Q3 data)
    • Portalverse Networkraised a multi-million $ seed round with participation from Big Brain Holdings, 2Moon Capital, and Cogitent Ventures to bring the first decentralized cloud gaming and rendering network to the NEAR ecosystem.
    • Scorefam – secured a capital commitment of up to $25M from GEM Digital to expand their gaming NFT suite of products.
    • Token Terminal – raised $6.5M to expand their crypto asset data coverage, which will soon include NEAR Protocol and NEAR ecosystem projects.
    • Mystiko.Network – raised a $10M round this past month. Mystiko received a grant from NEAR Foundation to support NEAR through their transaction privacy layer.
    • Sweat Economyraised $13M in funding including a private token sale, to accelerate their move into Web3.
    • Nicheclosed a $1.8M pre-seed to bring decentralized social media to NEAR.
    • Aurigamiraised $12M in token rounds earlier this year to continue to grow DeFi on Aurora.
    • Play Ember – just closed a $1.4M token seed round to bring mobile gaming to NEAR. The team is currently exploring an equity round at this moment as well. 

3. Ecosystem highlights  

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