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NEAR Hackathon at Ready Layer One: Winners Announced

June 3, 2020

NEAR has done various hackathons over the years: online and offline, web2 and web3, self-hosted and working with partners, high school students hacks, university hacks and more! This hackathon, which took place May 6-19th, 2020, was one of our all time favorites. Following Ready Layer One, the most talked about virtual conference in the blockchain space with speakers from Ethereum Foundation, NEAR, Polkadot and other layer one protocols, NEAR hosted a two week long hackathon with Gitcoin, offering a $9,500 prize pool.

Big congrats to Gitcoin for the work they’ve done cultivating the strong developer community they have today. All in all, we had so many impressive final submissions (close to 30!) we decided to increase the original prize pool to feature 12 hackers.

A few of the awesome project participants submitted:

  • Automation of donations going to restaurants and other small businesses to alleviate Covid impact
  • Digital journal that logs all of the parachute jumps for the community
  • Telegram bot that can send NEAR to non-crypto users with couple clicks
  • Decentralized social media platform
  • Solution for local governments to track people movements in wake of Covid
  • Geocaching dapp that aims to make geocaching more social
  • Solution to provide vision impaired persons a way to read through tesseract optical character recognition and google text to speech
  • Roguelike game
  • Solution to do basic token swap between ETH and NEAR

The Ready Layer One hackathon winners are:

Global Hack:

Winner: vbstreetz – 1,000 DAI (

Runner up: aluhning – 500 DAI (

Financial Hack: 

Winner: zavodil – 1,000 DAI (

Runner up: mikaellazarev – 500 DAI (

Social Hack:

Winner: hdriqi – 1,000 DAI (

Student Hack:

Winner: sarangparikh22 – 500 DAI (

Winner 2: lexcmcqueen – 500 DAI (

Accessibility Hack:

Winner: thecydonian – 1,000 DAI (

Interoperability Hack:

Winner: dhruvluci – 1,000 DAI (

Stardust Hack:

Winner: x5engine – 1,000 DAI (

Runner up: lychees – 500 DAI (

Flux Hack:

Winner: gungz – 1,000 DAI (

Congratulations to all of the participants. We’re so grateful for your contributions! 

Want to get involved?

NEAR is hosting several hackathons and has weekly community events. You can find a full list in our events calendar.

If you would like to get involved contributing to NEAR’s technical or community efforts, please have a look at the contributor program.

We can’t wait to see what our global developer community continues to build! 


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