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NEAR Horizon and Outlier Ventures Create Base Camp Accelerator to Propel Web3 Startups

NEAR Foundation
May 11, 2023

NEAR Horizon, NEAR Foundation’s new Web3 startup platform, is joining forces with Outlier Ventures to launch the NEAR Base Camp accelerator program, an initiative aimed at supporting startups building on the NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS). As a Web3 startup platform, NEAR Horizon aids founders and developers along their journey of building on NEAR with credits, partnerships, services, and additional resources.

Horizon’s goals include redefining the Web3 user experience to onboard one billion users into Web3 and leveraging the Blockchain Operating System to enable developers, communities, enterprises, and users to create a more open web. The 12-week NEAR Base Camp accelerator program offers participants mentorship, education, $100,000 in funding, and $20,000 in service credits on NEAR Horizon.

With NEAR Horizon and Outlier Ventures now teaming up via the Basecamp Accelerator, even more guidance and resources will become available to help NEAR builders, founders, and creators fulfill their ambitions. 

A Web3 launchpad from NEAR Horizon and Outlier Ventures

Outlier Ventures supports a wide array of projects across DeFi, NFTs, blockchain infrastructure, and more, providing tailored mentorship, funding, and strategic guidance to help companies excel in the rapidly evolving Web3 market.

Founded in 2014, Outlier Ventures is a leading global Web3 accelerator, as well as a go-to authority in Web3 for founders, investors, and enterprises alike. Now the most active venture Web3 fund by volume, Outlier has over 200 startups across its Base Camp and Ascent programs.

Raising over $350 million in seed round funding for projects, Outlier has also helped billion dollar Web3 ecosystems like Boson Protocol,, and Secret Network. Their bespoke programs conducted by a team of experts help projects refine product market fit, token design, and any other aspect critical to project adoption and development. 

Outlier’s venture capital network will also provide an enormous boost to projects and founders participating in the NEAR Base Camp initiative.

The NEAR Horizon and Outlier Ventures collaboration represents a joint commitment to accelerate Web3 startups and foster innovation in the industry. By pooling their resources and expertise, both organizations aim to nurture exceptional talent within the ecosystem, driving Web3 innovation in an open, diverse, and socially impactful manner.

A closer look at the NEAR Base Camp accelerator program illuminates its unique focus and offerings, poised to shape the future of Web3 technology and user experience for startups within the ecosystem.

Fostering Web3 ingenuity with NEAR Base Camp 

The NEAR Base Camp Accelerator Program harnesses the power of visionary founders who aim to scale and enhance usability in the Web3 space. The program centers on development in areas like application infrastructure for scalability, real-world use cases, bridging Web2 and Web3, and AI technology. 

Base Camp offers tailored support for talented early-stage teams with real-world, utility-based use cases. It attracts Web2 users and companies while leveraging Web3 in novel ways to solve problems Web2 is unable to address.

Participants will enjoy added access to the NEAR Horizon platform and $20,000 service credits that can be utilized to cover costs across services like marketing, legal, finance, product development, and more. Horizon is built on the NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS) and includes 15+ service providers, 40 mentors, and 300+ backers.              

On Base Camp, your Web3 adventure awaits

Founders interested in the NEAR Base Camp accelerator program can apply through Outlier Ventures’ website on the application page and through the NEAR Horizon platform. Applications open on May 11th, with the 12-week program scheduled to commence in mid-July.

Successful teams will receive support from Outlier Ventures and NEAR Ecosystem’s in-house experts on product roadmaps, community building, token economy and launches, fundraising and pitching, governance, and legal support, along with mentorship from industry-leading professionals.

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the NEAR Base Camp accelerator program, which aims to foster innovation and growth in the Web3 space. 

Join NEAR Horizon here. Embark on your Web3 journey today by visiting the Outlier Ventures website to express your interest and apply for the Base Camp accelerator program.

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