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NEAR Talks at Ready Layer One

May 3, 2020

We are excited to be organizing and participating in one of the hottest blockchain events of the year. Ready Layer One has brought together some of the biggest names in our industry to drive innovation forward.

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Here’s a list of all of the NEAR presentations, workshops, and hackathons happening at Ready Layer One:

Note: You can find the most up-to-date version of this information at the NEAR RL1 Reference Page.

Monday, May 4th

11 am EST/8 am PST
From Ready Layer One to Ready Player One: Why today marks the beginning of the new Open Web
Illia Polosukhin & Erik Trautman

Noon EST/9 am PST
Founder’s Guide: Building Weatherproof Companies
Aliaksandr ‘Sasha’ Hudzilin  w/ Aleks Larsen and Paul Veradittakit

2pm EST/11 am PST
Introduction to AssemblyScript with NEAR
Sherif Abushadi

2pm am EST/11 am PST
Blockchain Composability: Empowering Developers & Fueling Innovation
Alex Skidanov  w/ Justin Drake, Anatoly Yakovenko, Christopher Goes, Jesse Walden & Karl Floersch

5 pm EST/2 pm PST
Building developer communities in the programmable web
Illia Polosukhin  w/ Marek Olszewski, Zaki Manian, Sam Williams, and Dietrich Ayala

Tuesday, May 5th

11 am EST/8 am PST
Unchained Live Podcast w/ Laura Shin

Illia Polosukhin  w/ Arthur Breitman, Robert Habermeier, Zaki Manian

Noon EST/9 am PST
WebAssembly for Blockchain

Maksym Zavershynskyi  w/ Jakub Konka and Sergei Shulepov

8 pm EST/5 pm PST
The Road to Adoption
Aliaksandr ‘Sasha’ Hudzilin  w/ Rene Reinsberg, Jack Platts, Dominic Tsang, Jacob Arluck, Zack Seward

Wednesday, May 6th

Noon EST/9 am PST
Exploring the NEAR Protocol API
Sherif Abushadi

2pm EST/11 am PST
Data Availability Roundtable
Alex Skidanov  w/ Dankrad Feist, Mustafa Al-Bassam, Jeff Burges

6 pm EST/3 pm PST
Hackathon Visionary
Peter DePaulo

6:30 pm EST/3:30 pm PST
Hackathon Call to Action
Chad Ostrowski

7 pm EST/4 pm PST
Intro to Rust Contract Development
Mike Purvis

May 6-13 – NEAR Hackathon on Gitcoin

Join the hackathon on the tail end of the Ready Layer One event and put your new knowledge to work.

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Learn more about NEAR & Get Started

NEAR’s mission is to enable community-driven innovation to benefit people around the world. NEAR’s platform provides decentralized storage and compute that is secure enough to manage high value assets like money or identity and performant enough to make them useful for everyday people, putting the power of the Open Web in their hands.

Technically speaking, NEAR Protocol is a brand new public, proof-of-stake blockchain which is built using a novel consensus mechanism called [Nightshade]( NEAR Protocol uses a technique called “sharding” that splits the network into multiple pieces so that the computation is done in parallel. Parallelism radically increases throughput and allows the network to scale up as the number of nodes on it increases. With NEAR, there isn’t a theoretical limit on the network’s capacity.



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