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NEARCON 2022: A Global Experience for Builders and Creators

August 9, 2022

Big updates this month! NEAR Foundation is super stoked to be bringing you new information about NEARCON, which is just over a month away. Early bird tickets are sold out, but general admission tickets are still available for $460—a great deal if you consider all the amazing stuff we have planned. And psst! If you want to save a little cash, Pagoda and Aurora have discount codes for 35% off. Check their Twitter feeds to find them! 

If you’re a hacker joining the community for the IRL hackathon you get a complimentary conference pass! You can still apply here. The Hackathon will feature an impressive docket of judges you can flex your skills for including: Maria Shen (Electric Capital), Brendan Eich (Brave), Sampson (Brave), Carolin Wend (Mintbase), Alex Shevchenko (Aurora Labs), Sasha Hudzilin (Human Guild), Taras Dovgal (Kikimora Labs), Vasilisa Versus (Roketo), Lindsey McInerney (Armored Kingdom), and our very own Illia Polosukhin (NEAR) and Marieke Flament (NEAR Foundation). 

Mark it down, hackers!

Building Beyond the Hype

The main theme at this year’s NEARCON is Building Beyond the Hype. NEAR Foundation and the wider community aim to make clear that NEAR and Web3 are here for the long haul, no matter what the market looks like. 

The NEAR community recently hit a major milestone of launching over 700+ ecosystem projects spanning all web3 verticals and layers. NEARCON will be an interactive demonstration of the talent, creativity, intelligence, and practical use cases of the mighty (and growing!) ecosystem. 

The NEARCON gathering is a great chance to see many of the cutting edge projects building on NEAR. And if you’re developing your own project on NEAR, or thinking about building one, it’s also a fantastic time to get feedback from our creative and supportive community. 

Confirmed NEARCON Speakers

NEARCON is known for its eclectic and original approach to diverse content. You’re going to love hearing from and engaging with such great minds as: Maria Shen (Electric Capital), Brendan Eich (Brave), Baek Kim (Hashed Ventures), Lou Kerner (CryptoMondays), Stanley Chen (Sci-Fi Author) James Tromans (Google Cloud), Oleg Fomenko (Sweat), Vivi Lin (Octopus), Magali McIntyre (Egon Zehnder), and Haseeb Qureshi (Dragonfly Capital). 

This is only a snapshot of our speakers and a sample of what’s to come at NEARCON. So, check out the NEARCON website to find out more! There will also be a variety of announcements, keynotes, firesides, panels, workshops, demos, and more throughout the four-day conference.

A creative global experience

As NEAR is a vibrant, global ecosystem, NEARCON is going to be quite the international affair. You’ll hear from representatives from NEAR Regional Hubs based in Asia-Pacific, the Balkans, Kenya, and Ukraine (temporarily based in Lisbon). There will also be food trucks featured from these represented regions. Attendees will be able to experience and familiarize themselves with this immersive, multicultural experience.

NEAR Foundation would be remiss not to mention all the creativity that will be taking place at NEARCON. There will be activations from a slew of fantastic organizations including: Pagoda, Aurora, SailGP, Human Guild (Play-to-Earn, Gamers’ Lounge!), CoinDesk, NEARWEEK, Regional Hubs, and a variety of exciting artists building on NEAR. 

Big Time Partners 

We are thrilled to announce that CoinDesk is the Official Media Partner for NEARCON. Expect to see CoinDeskTV Studios at the event covering the exciting events we’ll be hosting. You can find the full list of sponsors on the NEARCON website. 

That’s all for now, but make sure you don’t miss any other updates by signing up for our email list or by checking out the NEARCON website regularly. 

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