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NEARCON ‘23 Day Three: Governance and Multi-Chain in the Spotlight

NEAR Foundation
November 10, 2023

As NEARCON ’23 drew to a close, the vibrant energy of innovation and unity in the open web was palpable. Attendees reflected on a journey filled with groundbreaking discussions and pivotal connections, marking the final day as a celebration of collective progress and shared visions for the future.

The conference’s last act spotlighted transformative dialogues and educational strides, with a keen focus on empowering the next wave of builders. Governance talks, innovative partnerships, and technical milestones underscored NEAR’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a future where the open web thrives.

Major EigenLayer and LayerZero announcements

Day Three was headlined by two major announcements that will impact the NEAR Protocol and ecosystem in a variety of ways moving forward.

NEAR and EigenLayer enable fast finality on Ethereum 

NEAR Foundation partners with Eigen Labs to develop a “fast finality layer” for Ethereum rollups, promising swift and economical transactions. This initiative, set for a 2024 testnet launch, aims to quicken cross-rollup communication and minimize costs, streamlining the developer experience and enhancing Web3 interoperability.

LayerZero integrates with NEAR for cross-chain messaging

A second big announcement was the integration with LayerZero Labs on NEAR’s EVM layer, Aurora, enabling NEAR to connect with over 40 blockchain networks. LayerZero’s endpoint paves the way for trustless cross-chain messaging, expanding NEAR’s interoperability and user experience. For further details, visit LayerZero’s documentation here

Day Three ecosystem news and announcements

EigenLayer and LayerZero were just the tip of the iceberg for the ecosystem on Day Three. Here’s a rundown of other key happenings.

​​Activelink boosted by NEAR grant

Activelink, enhancing sports and media engagement, has received a NEAR Foundation grant to facilitate on-chain transactions, fostering direct fan connections and monetization on the NEAR protocol.

Ample kicks off Horizon program

Ample, readying to disrupt media distribution, leverages the Horizon Programme to launch a unique platform for artists. It aims to democratize entertainment by tokenizing content, ensuring creators’ ownership, and optimizing monetization without requiring open web expertise. 

Encode: Kickstarting NEAR Innovations

Encode teams up with NEAR Horizon for an eight-week online accelerator, starting November 23rd including workshops, mentorship, and global networking opportunities. Open to unfunded hackathon and startup projects, it’s a launchpad to growth without full-time commitment. Check out the Encode accelerator website to learn more and fill out an application today.

QSTN: NFT Success and Testnet Launch

QSTN announced a full sell-out of their NFT collection on NEAR, gearing up for their public incentivized testnet on November 13th. QSTN is calling on the open community to engage and earn NEAR rewards for survey participation and feedback with Telegram integration plans.

World of Rogues brings mobile adventure to NEAR

World of Rogues is set to conquer mobile gaming, with Rogues Studio announcing a forthcoming release for iOS and Android. Emphasizing a seamless, frictionless blockchain gaming experience on NEAR, the studio focuses on easy onboarding for non-crypto gamers. 

Lava Network bolsters NEAR with modular APIs

The Lava Network is boosting the NEAR ecosystem through a partnership aimed at enhancing developer tools with modular APIs and incentivized public RPCs. By integrating NEAR support, Lava provides developers with a robust node network, ensuring speed and efficiency. 

Encore Network empowers NEAR with user-centric data

Encore, a leading data collection platform, announced a huge step in data control. NEAR users now control their data along with terms of sharing. The goal is to slash customer acquisition costs for projects and spur revenue, marking a new chapter in data-driven user empowerment.

Key sessions and panels

The final day of NEARCON ‘23 highlighted governance, along with a special session between NEAR co-founder and CEO Illia Polosukhin and Polygon co-founder Jordy Baylina.

NEAR Governance Forum: shaping decentralized democracy

At the NEAR Governance Forum, leaders like Blaze from Cheddar and Alejandro Betancourt of the Transparency Commission discussed challenges in the NDC, emphasizing the need for high standards and community-driven progress. Topics included efficient governance models, the balance between autonomy and collaboration, and advancing NEAR’s decentralized democracy.

Illia dives deeper into Polygon and ZK with Jordi Baylina

NEAR’s Illia Polosukhin, alongside Polygon co-founder Jordi Baylina, dove into the collaboration between the two ecosystems. The two focused on zero-knowledge proofs for enhancing cross-chain interactions and unifying blockchain security. They talked about streamlining Layer 1 and Layer 2 operations, promoting a cohesive and interoperable blockchain network, and more.

Envisioning the future of decentralized democracy 

During “What 2024 Looks Like for Decentralized Democracy” Blaze and Alejandro returned along with Yadira Blocker from the NEAR Foundation to break down cultural and operational shifts needed for effective governance, touching on the role of AI in streamlining decision-making processes. They also discussed the NDC’s past, present, and future.

The Littles bash at LX Factory closes out NEARCON ‘23

Day Three will culminate in a huge bash at LX Factory, sponsored by The Littles. Unwind and network against the backdrop of one of Lisbon’s most vibrant and hip nightlife districts. The closing party not only marks the end of an iconic NEARCON ‘23, but will be fertile ground for future collaborations and community bonding.

Not to mention a chance to win rewards and NFTs just by playing carnival games via The Littles Fun Pass app on NEAR. Win or lose, you’ll walk away with some cool blockchain-based swag.

As NEARCON ’23 wraps up, the collaborative spirit of the open web community is clear. The convergence of thought leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts in Lisbon made this year’s edition incredibly special. Thanks to every attendee, hacker, sponsor, and NEAR enthusiast for making NEARCON ‘23 so memorable, and see you at the LX Factory at 9 PM for the grand finale!

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