Announcing Ready Layer One: An Open Blockchain Week

Announcing Ready Layer One: An Open Blockchain Week

April 6, 2020

Ready Layer One

Today we’re excited to announce an unprecedented collaboration between base layer blockchain projects to put on a free virtual summit for all of the builders out there.  This multi-day event, called Ready Layer One, will take place from May 4-6, 2020. 

Why? People in the blockchain space are more distributed than a typical community, which means we *really* like to get together in person when we can.  The explosive rise of COVID and associated stay-at-home orders suddenly left everyone without their favorite excuses to geek out on protocol theory and hack together over lousy wifi connections.

The spirit of collaboration has driven this technology forward from the start–the best projects are open source, their teams are always learning from each other, and it often feels like a small community.  Since this macro shock is more significant than anyone’s project, rather than competing for space in an already crowded digital world, we decided to use this opportunity as a rallying cry to gather everyone together.

Open Blockchain Week

The past couple of years have seen several base layer protocols make outstanding progress in addressing the core issues of usability and scalability that have held back more widespread adoption.  Some of these protocols are recently launched, and others, like NEAR, are on the home stretch.

Application developers are ready for it.

Enterprise adopters are ready for it.

Gamers are ready for it.

Fintech entrepreneurs are ready for it.

Even hodlers are ready for it.

…and the base layer protocols, also known as “layer one,” are finally ready to support all of these people and the apps that serve them.  Hence, Ready Layer One. 

A New Digital Experience

Ready Layer One is specifically designed to be more than just a conference experience — it’s a place where developers can learn but also participate and connect in a way that’s atypical for the digital realm.  To do this, we took the best parts of in-person hackerspaces and mixed them with some of the principles that create genuine and meaningful experiences in real life.

Ready Layer One is built around each of the following principles:

  1. Collaborative Co-creation: We believe in the principles of free software and open-source, where groups of people who come together to share technology, skills, and ideas produce the most impactful results.  Here, this means making workshops interactive and collaborative between participants wherever possible.
  2. Participation, Presence, and Immediacy: We aim to create interactions that facilitate collaborative knowledge and enable you to construct new ideas with people from around the world. Dive in, be present, and build!  We ask participants to shut down email and social apps so they can focus on being present. To keep things immediate, we’ll offer a number of experiences that will not be recorded for later.
  3. Decommercialization: To encourage new technologies and ideas to be considered and take root, we kindly ask that everyone focus on the tech and its societal applications rather than sponsorships, branding, or pitching. This isn’t about one of us; it’s about all of us.

The content will include well-known speakers from across the ecosystem plus several tracks of engineering content targeted at helping developers get their hands dirty with all sorts of different use cases.  We’ll have Easter eggs and surprise speakers crafting custom, small-scale experiences throughout to keep you on your toes. After it ends, we’ll all get together to apply what we’ve learned in a digital hackathon.

Getting Involved

Are you ready to join us in making Ready Layer One a success?

We’d like to keep the quality of content and attendees high, so tickets are limited.  To learn more about the event, grab a free ticket or submit a workshop, register at

We hope to see you there!

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