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Shape the User-Owned Future at [REDACTED] in Bangkok

June 27, 2024

NEARCON 2022 was epic. NEARCON 2023 was iconic.

NEARCON 2024? Not this year.


[REDACTED] is a global convergence to shape the future of User-Owned AI and Chain Abstraction—a future where technology belongs to the people, not corporations. Imagine stepping into a ‘Sovereign Paradise’ where the air buzzes with inspiration and opportunities to learn about AI and Web3. At [REDACTED], you’re not just attending another tech conference: you are contributing to a pivotal moment in the digital revolution. This IRL movement unifies the AI x Web3 collective as we embark on a transformative future. 

[REDACTED] is November 9-11, in Bangkok, Thailand. Be a part of the learnings and insights shared at [REDACTED] by joining Keynotes, Firesides, Workshops, or Hacking.

[REDACTED] is an IRL movement, and the application to attend is LIVE at

AI is transforming the internet and the way we interact with computing. AI and Web3 can work together to ensure the power of intelligence is where it belongs: in the hands of users. NEAR is leading at this intersection of AI x Web3, and the NEAR Foundation is gathering the global AI x Web3 community in Bangkok to share key innovations and insights, form deep connections that can only happen IRL, and build the user-owned future together.

[REDACTED] is free, but attendance is by application only.

Apply now to claim your spot among 1,500+ devs, founders, researchers, regulators, creatives, and leaders. Here’s what to expect as you journey through [REDACTED]

  • Upskill your AI knowledge in essential workshops and deep-dive discussions led by the teams defining the intersection of AI x Web3.
  • Gain insights on how to develop AI x Web3 products and applications. 
  • Connect with collaborators on building the tools, driving adoption, empowering users and communities, and taking back sovereignty.
  • Interact with projects from NEAR and other Ecosystems, solving problems with AI x Web3 technical solutions. 

And stay tuned to participate in the [REDACTED] hybrid hackathon for a chance to win over $500k in prizes.

The [REDACTED] hackathon is an opportunity to collaborate over eight weeks—both online and IRL in Bangkok—with top problem-solvers on the biggest issues in Chain Abstraction and AI x Web3, with category experts from NEAR and beyond providing interactive discussion and support.

The future of AI, decentralized ecosystems, and community-driven innovation is taking shape live at [REDACTED]. Apply to attend at

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