The NEAR Community is made up of Innovators, Creators, Contributors and, of course, a few wild cards. We’re all here to build a stronger ecosystem.


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Help give power (money, data, and governance) back to the people.

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When you contribute to building a better future, good things happen.

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Work when you want, how you want, and get paid based on your contribution.


Guilds are communities that make up the greater NEAR community. Each guild shares a specific vision and mission related to driving a more open, interconnected, and consumer-empowered world.

Featured Guilds


Community for Creators/Projects launching on Mintbase. Get support/funding and connect with other creatives!

Cypherpunk Guild

A guild focussed on incentivizing builders to create privacy-enhancing technologies on NEAR.

4NTS Guild

A community building and marketing-focused guild.

Find your purpose.
Find your people.

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The NEAR Community provides a number of ways for you to start learning, earning and growing.

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A safe place to ask questions, experiment, and get acquainted.


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Worldwide opportunities to attend, participate, connect and more.

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Community Wiki

A playbook for the NEAR Community.

NEAR Brand Toolkit

Tools to build the brand together.

The NEAR Forum

Follow progress within the Ecosystem.

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