Developer Tools

The tools you’ll need to build, deploy, and interact with smart contracts.


You’ll need near-cli to build and deploy the contracts, and an SDK (Rust or AssemblyScript) to write the contracts themselves.


A command-line tool for interacting with NEAR Protocol. Create accounts, build and deploy contracts, become a validator, and more.


The Rust version of our smart contract SDK. Contains helpful macros, efficient data structures, and cross-contract call functions.


The JavaScript / TypeScript version of our smart contract SDK. Contains efficient data structures and cross-contract call functions.


These tools help you set up a testing environment, write and execute the tests.


A local NEAR node for development and testing. Has additional features for developers, such as patching state or spooning it from a live network.

API Libraries

The API libraries act as a thin wrapper around the NEAR Protocol RPC API, so you can interact with the protocol programmatically in various languages. For example, a web frontend would use the JS API to display contract data in the browser.


Interact with the NEAR RPC programmatically via JavaScript. Connect wallets, query contract state, send transactions and more.

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Go multichain with Octopus

Make your app interoperable with substrate app chains.