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With NEAR, your path as a developer is clear. Build apps quickly using languages you already know (Rust and AssemblyScript)

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NEAR is a scalable smart contract platform that supports decentralized applications of almost any kind. Leverage an ecosystem of components backed by cutting edge technology.

Hosted Wallet

The NEAR Wallet lets your users authorize low-stakes transactions without multiple pop-ups or, in many cases, without even holding tokens.

Instant Transfers

Transfer tokens directly between accounts on NEAR or bridge assets from other platforms to create next-generation financial applications.

Common Languages

Write contracts using TypeScript (a typed superset of JavaScript) or any other language which compiles to Web Assembly (Wasm).

Sharded Scaling

The network scales horizontally using the same sharding technology that powers databases behind the largest companies in the world.

Strong Consensus

NEAR uses the "Nightshade" consensus, which is a Byzantine Fault Tolerant algorithm designed for speed, simplicity and security.

Contract Rewards

Contracts are rewarded with 30% of the gas fees they generate, giving developers an immediate business model for apps and infrastructure.

Play with Code

Dig into some basic code examples.

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Explore & Debug

Get down and dirty with the data to see every contract, transaction, receipt and more. New UI coming soon.


Bridge from Ethereum

Utilize Ethereum assets and smart contracts on NEAR—a fast, scalable, and low-cost environment.

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Run a Node

Be part of the NEAR Network and earn. Running a NEAR Node means you’re part of the processing power for the new Internet.

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Learn more about the product, community and more.

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