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NEAR makes it easy to build web3 for the masses
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“Hello NEAR!” is a friendly decentralized App that stores a greeting message. It is one of the simplest smart contracts you can create in NEAR, and the perfect gateway to introduce yourself in the world of smart contracts.

If node is installed, simply type:

> npx create-near-app

Then use interactive menu to complete.

Visit quickstart tutorial

Why build on NEAR?

The easiest way to become a
Web3 developer
Use familiar programming languages
Write your smart contracts in the most used or most loved language. No need to wrestle with Solidity or Vyper.
Start building
with JavaScript
Start building
with Rust
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Low cost. High speed. Effortless scale.

Nightshade sharding enables seamless scaling with minimal fees.


Transaction Cost




Daily Transactions


Time to Finality

Endless earning opportunities
for developers

Migration from other blockchains is easy as well

Run Solidity contracts on NEAR
Overcome high fees and slow speeds with Aurora – an EVM running directly on NEAR.
Discover Aurora
Run substrate-based app-chains on NEAR
Build your projects using the out-of-the-box cross-chain interoperability, one-stop infrastructure and appchains community.
Discover Octopus Network
“Our investors were recommending NEAR. And we were amazed by engagement from the NEAR Foundation, and the Funding team, in their commitment to making sure our project succeeded. Their support was a huge plus”
Moved from Terra

Explore what others
have built on NEAR

Get inspired or build on top
Ref Finance

Multi-purpose DeFi Platform

Ref Finance is a community-led, multi-purpose DeFi platform built on NEAR Protocol. Ref Finance takes full advantage of NEAR’s low fees, one-to-two second finality, and WebAssembly-based runtime.

See Ref Finance documentation

Seamless web2-like user-experience on top of blockchain

The SweatCoin mobile app is easy to start with and rewards you with SWEAT tokens for moving. Storing these tokens on the NEAR blockchain opens up for a move-to-earn economy.

Learn about Sweat Economy
Few and Far

The all-in-one NFT marketplace for collectors and creators.

Capitalizing on NEAR’s fractional minting costs to create a thriving ecosystem of creators and collectors exploring Web3 art in all its forms.

Learn about Few & Far
Explore hundreds of dApps
Visit AwesomeNEAR
“The NEAR community is amazing! When I have a question, I can get a reply in the same day, the community is open and helpful.”
Paul Crans

Help to build a fairer, more transparent world

The current web is broken.

Companies monetize and monopolize user data, disregard user privacy, and obscure their operations.

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NEAR makes the decentralized web a reality.

As one of a number of emerging decentralized networks connecting the infrastructure of web3, NEAR offers end-users complete control of their data.

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Scale Forestation with digital transparency and trust
The Open forest Protocol shows how decentralized apps on NEAR can have positive real-world impact: The OFP uses NEAR to create transparency in how reforestation projects are tracked and verified worldwide.
Learn more about the Open Forest Protocol

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