Office Hours

Hosted daily – join our engineers on Discord for live chat and voice support. Ask questions about developing on NEAR, or about the protocol itself.

Developer Office Hours

Ask questions about developing dApps on NEAR, or writing smart cont or smart contracts on NEAR.

Mondays – Fridays

Mondays – Fridays
11:00 – 12:00 UTC

Protocol Office Hours

Ask questions about the runtime or learn how to contribute to the protocol.

Universal Time

NEAR’s Developer Relations and Protocol team are on hand to assist our developer community with their projects. Every weekday we host “Office Hours” where several engineers will hang out and answer any questions you may have about building on NEAR.

Recognizing that async communication isn’t always the best, our platform is for those wanting to discuss issues, ideas and challenges with our team of engineers.

For questions about building on NEAR go to the “Developer Office Hours” channel under #development on our Discord. For questions regarding the protocol, visit “Protocol Office Hours” under the same section. Bring your questions, ideas, and maybe a cup of joe and let’s chat!