Whether you’re a developer coming from web2 or web3 (eg. Ethereum) or a curious traveler wondering what all the fuss is about, the following links should help.

Courses & Guided Workshops

NEAR University

Learn, earn, connect, and get certified among friends. Login with NEAR and track your progress along the way.

NEAR Academy

Learn the basics of blockchain technology through a series of small hands-on challenges using NEAR Protocol.

NEAR Certified Developer

Get paid to join a 5-day part-time course and learn to design, develop, test and deploy smart contracts on NEAR.

Figment Learn Pathway

Get paid to learn the basics of interacting with the NEAR platform.

NEAR 101

Introduction to NEAR for Web Developers.

NEAR 102

Introduction to NEAR for Ethereum Developers.

Write NEAR contracts

Using AssemblyScript to write smart contracts.


 Interact with the Network.

Use Cross-Contract Calls

Build contracts that collaborate.

Educational Video Series


Level: Beginner
A front-end developer takes on blockchain development. Learn alongside others.

NEAR Blockchain Concepts

Level: Intermediate
Learn how core concepts of NEAR Protocol fit together, and how to observe them through APIs, CLI, and Explorer.

NEAR Core Overview

Level: Expert
Learn about the core infrastructure including Runtime, State, P2P connections, routing, and more.

Live App Review

Level: Intermediate->Expert
Learn how to build apps on NEAR. Explore concepts like Social Tokens, NFTs, Payments, Progressive onboarding, APIs, Cross-contract calls, and more.

Live Contract Review

Level: Intermediate->Expert
Join NEAR engineers as they review smart contracts exploring concepts like voting, staking, fungible tokens, Ethereum bridge, automatic market makers, and more.

NEAR Concepts

Level: Intermediate->Expert
Explore concepts on NEAR including building with Rust, NEAR Accounts and Key management, EVM interactions and more.

Whiteboard Series

Level: Expert
Technical deep dive sessions featuring engineers from NEAR and popular projects in the blockchain space (includes Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, and others).