Essential tools

All you need to get started on NEAR


Use a wallet to create an account and manage your assets

Your account is your identity on the blockchain. All your assets (e.g. tokens and  NFTs) are associated with your account.

You can use your wallet to interact with web3 applications and make transactions.

Many wallets have additional functionality, like token staking.

Choose the type of wallet that suits your needs


Runs directly in your browser window. Least secure.

Example: MyNearWallet


Installs as a plug-in for your browser, and typically opens a separate window.

Example: Sender Wallet


Runs as an app on your mobile phone.

Example: Steak Wallet


A separate hardware device that keeps the keys to your account. Most secure.

Example: Ledger

Explore other wallets on AwesomeNEAR ->

Disclaimer: Do your own research! The NEAR Foundation has not fully vetted any wallets (yet). The wallets listed above are examples, the listing above does not imply any endorsement. 

You are responsible for the safety of your assets

Regardless of which wallet you choose, you need to educate yourself to keep your private keys safe. It is vital you are vigilant about never sharing your private keys and reviewing the apps authorized on your account. Rotate your private keys regularly, update your pin, and keep credentials like seed phrases offline. Check URLs are correct; many scammers make realistic sites for apps like MetaMask and try to trick you into entering your credentials. Use multi-factor authentication whenever possible. 

How to fund your wallet with NEAR tokens

Depending on your wallet, you might be able to buy $NEAR directly within the wallet

Buy $NEAR token on an exchange and transfer them to your wallet

Ask someone that has $NEAR tokens in their wallet to send some to your wallet

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Dashboards & Statistics

An aggregated view of what happens on the blockchain

An informative overview of what your NEAR account activity looks like, in an easy-to-read chart

A curated list of projects on NEAR