Building an open web

Contribute to building a web where users own their data, voices count, and everyone can be fairly rewarded for their effort.

Gateways: the doors to an open web

Create multi-chain open web applications that feature seamless user onboarding.

A browser window and a console window with the code snippet # Quick-start your own gateway npx create-near-app@latest alongside the logos for React JS, Ethereum, Polygon, and NEAR.

Supercharge the open web

Augment your open web applications with thousands of composable multi-chain components.

Seamless onboarding

Empower users to login using only their email. Eliminate all onboarding friction to facilitate mass adoption.

Social from the get-go

Easily add social components to your app and keep your audience engaged through web push notifications.

Components: the building blocks of an open web

Explore, use, and share the building blocks for open web applications.

Two chat bubbles alongside two component windows from the NEAR gateway

10,000 components and climbing

Use an ever-growing library of components, providing functionality ranging from Social to DeFi and beyond.

Decentralized frontends made simple

Use JSX syntax and a React-like library to easily build decentralized frontends using composable components.

Secured on-chain

All components are stored on a NEAR contract, making frontends highly reliable and censorship-resistant

A new and more open web

Break out of siloed, single-chain experiences and expand your reach, all while getting the best ofNEAR's speed, low cost, and scalability.

Explore Components

Start your journey with an open web

Build quickly with awesome resources and thousands of composable components. Join a thriving community of developers building an open web.

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