NEAR is a collective, a foundation, and a development platform built on a new layer-one blockchain.

What is NEAR?

A Collective

Consisting of an ever-expanding network of thousands of community members around the world.

A Foundation

Existing for the purpose of fostering ecosystem development through grant funding.

A Blockchain

NEAR is a development platform build on a sharded, proof-of-stake, layer-one blockchain designed for usability.

Why build on NEAR?


Our efficient PoS network was also certified as carbon-neutral in February 2021 by south pole.


1000x lower transaction fees for users and developers earn 30% of transaction fees.


A thriving ecosystem of validators maintains network integrity.


Friendly. Human-readable account names follow a scoped DNS naming pattern.


EVM and Rainbow Bridge were developed for interoperability among chains.


Contracts are written using expressive community-supported, general purpose languages: Rust and AssemblyScript.

How do I build on NEAR?

JavaScript SDK

Connect, sign, transact and deploy to any NEAR network from any JS context.

Rust SDK

Build safe, secure contracts that manage high value assets.

AssemblyScript SDK

Learn and prototype with zero friction using JS syntax.


All communications with the platform pass through this API including ours.

Command Line Interface

Full featured command line toolkit for developers and validators.


Manage deployments locally and join any public or private network.

NEAR Wallet

Create accounts, manage access keys, and more with our user friendly UI.

NEAR Explorer

A blockchain search tool allowing developers to view transaction details, accounts, block details and more.

Explore Courses & Workshops

NEAR University can help you start building on NEAR.