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Reclaiming the web is all about augmenting our ability to think and do for ourselves, reclaiming our time, and extending our ability to co-operate. And it is this cooperation that’s needed to bring web3 into reality.

We live in a vastly interconnected world and the web3 ecosystem is no different. The concept of a new, accessible open web is aimed at making everything interoperable and building a permanent, ownerless, and borderless foundation for the connected global community of which we are all a part.

Hack the Rainbow is a creative, collaborative, cross chain hackathon focused on building the bridges needed to make web3 an accessible reality for everyone. Our aim is to work with Ethereum partners and bring together the best tools for that build.

As our very first hackathon, we see Hack the Rainbow as a chance to explore that “wide range of related and colourful things” connecting the Ethereum and Near ecosystems together. We see it as a chance to deliver value, community education and broader opportunity for everyone wanting to explore the power of interoperability and interconnectedness.

With Hack the Rainbow, we are combining experts, mentors, educators, and community members from both Near and Ethereum with the goal of accelerating web3 adoption and doing so as a creative and collaborative commons.

Are you in?

The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge allows developers to utilize Ethereum assets and smart contracts on NEAR—a fast, scalable, and low-cost environment. The Bridge has the power to accelerate community development as it allows ETH users immediate access to apps built on NEAR.

This is the first trustless bridge of its kind. It supports ERC20, ERC721, and remains fully decentralized and adaptable to any future protocol changes on either side.

Learn More about the Bridge

Hackathon Values

Live Free, Dev Hard!

Overcome current limitations and build your app in a fast, scalable, and low-cost environment.

Unlock Innovation!

Build community-owned apps that are decentralized, sustainable and that unlock the internet of value.

Open the Web!

With the bridge and the NEAR account model, you can build the revolution of the Open Web.

Challenges & Prizes

Expect over $50k worth of prizes for the best of the best.


All event times are listed in EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Tue, 15 Sep

Opening Panel: Grilling the Rainbow

with Justin Drake, Illia Polosukhin

Rainbow Bridge Deep Dive & Demo

with Illia Polosukhin & Chad Ostrowski

Hacker Team Building

with NiMA & Yalor

Wed, 16 Sep


NEAR 101

with Sherif Abushadi

NEAR 102

with Sherif Abushadi

Thur, 17 Sep

NEAR Accounts and Key Registration

with Sherif Abushadi & Matt Lockyer

Skynet on NEAR

with Manasi lvora, Matt Sevey

The State of DAOs

with James Young, Auryn MacMillan, Jack Durose, and Burrrata.

Sat, 19 Sep

Market Driven Product & Ecosystem Development Panel

with Matt Cutler, Zach Herring, Aliaksandr Hudzilin & Matt Lockyer

Sun, 20 Sep

DeFi In The Wild: Fair Distribution & Accessibility

with Mariano Conti of YFI, Marc Zeller from Aave, Joe Gerber from IDEO

Mon, 21 Sep

NEAR 101

with Sherif Abushadi

NEAR 102

with Sherif Abushadi

Wed, 23 Sep

Chainlink on NEAR

with Josh Ford

3Box on NEAR

with Danny & Zack

Fri, 25 Sep

DeFi: Food, Farming and Philanthropy

with Hosted by Simona Pop, W/ Alex Masmej, Cooper Turley


with Matt Lockyer and Willem Wyndham

Judges & Mentors

Cami Russo

The Defiant

NiMA Asghari

NEAR Protocol

Illia Polosukhin

NEAR Protocol

Niran Babalola


Nate Geier


Joyce Yang

Global Coin Research

aViChAl GaRg

Electric Capital

Haseeb Qureshi

Dragonfly Capital

Lauren Stephanian

Pantera Aapital

Kartik Talwar

A Capital

Min Teo


Mariano Conti


Linda Xie

Scalar Captial

Ash Egan

Accomplice Ventures

Adrian le Bas

Maker Foundation

Marc Zeller


Maria Shen

Electric Capital

Richard Muirhead

Fabric ventures

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