As of today, the NEAR Foundation has spun down its nodes, making the NEAR Protocol MainNet fully community run.  This is the most significant (though not the last!) milestone in NEAR’s multi-year journey from excited scribbles on a whiteboard to a fully decentralized and community operated network.

For context, the NEAR Protocol MainNet genesis occurred on April 22, 2020 and the network has been operated in “Proof Of Authority” mode by the NEAR Foundation, which ran its only nodes during the early stages.  This can be considered the “training wheels” phase of the network because the Foundation had sufficient control to unilaterally address any challenges which might have arisen.  

Over the past several months, in conjunction with the Stake Wars incentivized TestNet program, the NEAR team has onboarded and promoted additional participants to operate the validator nodes which run the network and given them the delegation they need to operate those nodes.  At this point, dozens of independent node operators currently run the NEAR network.

NEAR has always been meant to be community operated, meaning that its node hardware is run by independent participants and no entity controls sufficient stake to unilaterally override decisions made on the network.  That’s why, as planned, the NEAR foundation today realized the Phase I milestone of its Road to MainNet by shutting down its nodes and placing the network in the hands of the other operators.  While the foundation still has the ability to delegate to support a diversity of these nodes, it no longer has control over the network.  NEAR is now community operated.

Why this is Important

NEAR fills a major hole in the current blockchain ecosystem and many people have been impatient for the network to reach its final stage of MainNet launch.

The obvious problem today is the crippling fees on Ethereum which have sent a wave of refugees out into the world looking for a network that will not rewrite the economics of their businesses because of an unrelated bubble.  Yes, NEAR has 10,000x lower fees than Ethereum and will scale dynamically.  Yes, NEAR is the most developer-friendly way to achieve this scalability. But “faster and cheaper” is insufficient to be successful in supporting the next generation of applications.

The reason why projects like Mintbase have chosen to build on NEAR is because NEAR is the fastest way for builders to get to market and do things that they didn’t expect were possible from a blockchain.  NEAR interoperates with Ethereum with the ease of a layer 2 via the trustless Rainbow Bridge while providing a flexible account model that can hide the blockchain from users until they’re ready by using Progressive Onboarding.  It gives them a full stack suite of tooling and a way to keep 30% of transaction fees generated by their contracts.  It easily allows sending tokens to unregistered users with “NEAR drops” and its human-readable accounts have easy multisig so DAOs are almost native.

These features don’t just solve the problems of today (cost & scaling) but allow builders to create sustainable apps and experiences that no other chain can support… experiences that real users can use.

What Comes Next

The transition to Phase I means that the network is now community operated but it is still technically restricted from allowing token transfers between participants and there are no block rewards being offered.  The first task of this new set of community operators will be to exercise their governance power to vote to enable each of these things, which will transition the network into its final stage, “MainNet Phase II: Community-Governed.

The technical details of this process are described in more detail in the Transitioning NEAR MainNet post, but basically there is a stake-weighted vote where validators indicate their choice by flagging their decision.  Over time, as more delegation joins each voting validator, the “yes, proceed to Phase II” votes should increase until they reach the necessary threshold (2/3rds of total stake) to pass.

We have no idea when this vote will pass because it is entirely up to the community now.  Members of the NEAR Validator Advisory Board have been vocal in discussing the details of this transition.  Generally, important criteria will include ensuring that enough tokens have been distributed and are participating in the delegation process and maintaining the network’s stability.  This could be days, weeks or months… and it’s partially up to you.

What we Need from You

If you are a NEAR token holder, now is the time to start participating!  

This means you should start by going through the claims process (the details of which will depend on your exact method of acquiring tokens) to accept and custody your tokens.  

Next, if you are comfortable doing so, you can participate in both the network security and voting by delegating your stake to a validator. This is still a relatively technical process (see the docs) but several community members are working on human-usable interfaces to help do this in a more user-friendly way.

There are several upsides to delegating:

  1. You get to participate in the vote to transition into Phase II, which will enable transfers and block rewards when it succeeds.
  2. Once block rewards are enabled in Phase II, you can expect to receive a portion of them (which depends on the details of the validator you delegated to).

As with anything in the blockchain space, there are risks to consider so you should do so only if you are comfortable.  But, as with anything in the blockchain space, your participation actually matters.  A first step is to join us at our first community Town Hall on Monday September 28.


For the first time, we can say that NEAR is officially and undeniably community operated. 

This almost feels like sending a favored son or daughter off to school for the first time — it can be a bit uncomfortable to place your trust in the hands of others.  But everyone in the NEAR community has worked incredibly hard to get this far and we couldn’t be prouder of the group who are now carrying this network into the next phase.

The NEAR Foundation would like to cordially invite you to our first community Town Hall on Monday, September 28th 2020 at 10am PT (1pm ET / 7pm CET / 1am (+1day) CST).

This is the first of our town halls, which will occur every 4 weeks on Mondays.  While we have numerous ways for the community to stay informed (eg subscribing to the newsletter, joining on Telegram, following on Twitter, participating in various open calls, etc), this is the first general opportunity for the core team and members from the community to interact in a more open forum.  You’ll hear what’s going on with the project, what’s new in the community and upcoming opportunities to participate.

This post will lay out the agenda and show you how to get involved.


Video Recording

The video recording of this event will go here once it is ready.

Format and Agenda

The town hall is 60 minutes long and occurs live on video using the Hopin platform (sign up here).  As a participant you can submit your questions directly in the platform or participate in Discord’s #general channel in an unstructured discussion.

0:00-0:10: Introduction from the NEAR Foundation

Erik Trautman, CEO of NEAR Foundation, will set the stage and introduce the NEAR project and its current status.

0:10-0:20: Project update

Illia Polosukhin, CEO of Near Inc, will describe the high level initiatives that are going on as the project finishes the transition to MainNet Phase II and beyond.

0:20-0:28: Live from the Developer’s Studio 

Peter DePaulo, Developer Relations lead, will describe the cool things that have been shipped recently and what devs in the community should keep an eye out for.  In the meantime, check out the new Blockheads series on YouTube and jump into the Hack the Rainbow Bridge hackathon, which ends on September 30th. 

0:28-0:36: App feature: Mintbase

Nate Geier and Carolin Wend, founders of Mintbase, will introduce the project, which recently switched to NEAR from Ethereum. As they describe it, Mintbase is the shopify of the new virtual economy. Users deploy their own stores (unique verified smart contracts) and tokenize and sell music, art, tickets, memberships, game items, services and products.

0:36-0:44: App feature: Flux

Peter Mitchell, CEO of Flux, will introduce the project, which is one of NEAR’s earliest. As they describe it, Flux Markets is a highly scalable open market protocol that enables prediction markets on any asset, commodity, or event. By building on NEAR Protocol, they enable cheap trading on-chain and super fast resolutions. Flux delivers on the original promise Augur made to the Ethereum community — fast, permission-less, efficient markets on anything.

0:44-0:50: NEAR Validator Advisory Board (NVAB) Update

Viktor Bunin, Protocol Specialist from Bison Trails, a NVAB member, will introduce their work around criteria that could help inform when the community could vote to move to Phase II. He is looking for feedback and a discussion of the criteria to be held on the github issue and subsequent community calls (9/30 at 9pm ET and 10/2 at 12pm ET). As a reminder, these criteria are a starting point: everyone is free to comment and vote as they please. Viktor is helping shepherd the process to collaborate with the community on a successful mainnet launch.

0:50-0:60: Signal boosts and Q&A

Pitching upcoming community events and addressing some of the Q&A from the participants in the event.


How to Participate

You can join the event on Hopin at: 

Your can ask questions in the Hopin chat or on Discord’s #general channel or on Twitter ahead of time.

The video will be posted above when available.


See you there!



Hello citizens of NEARverse! This is NiMA coming to you from a NEARby planet in the Milky Chain … 

These coming two weeks will be packed with a ton of exciting news and events for all stakeholders in the NEAR community and our wider ecosystem of projects, validators, and token holders. 

Starting on September 24th, NEAR will be transitioning into Phase I, aka “MainNet Restricted”, which will prepare NEAR for becoming a fully permissionless community-governed network. Read the section below on Phase I to find out what this means for you! 

This week we will also be kicking off Hack the Rainbow hackathon and webinar series. Even if you are not planning to participate in the hackathon, we invite you to join us on Crowdcast to watch and participate in some of the exciting panels and workshops that we have planned for you! 

3, 2, 1 … ready for Phase I

Phase I, as previously described in this post, is the final stage on our roadmap before NEAR fully transitions to a permissionless community-governed network. The decision to upgrade the network to Phase II is up to validators and token holders (via delegation). NEAR Foundation (NF) will stop running its PoA nodes and will only facilitate this transition by temporarily delegating 40 million NEAR tokens to a set of validators composed of NVAB and the first 30 validators from the community who will be invited to participate! 

You can read more about the details of validation/delegation during Phase I in this post by Stefano, our chief staking sorcerer. 

As a token holder you have the option to already delegate your tokens to the validator of your choice. At launch this will only be possible for more technically savvy community members who are familiar with near-cli (command line tool). As we derisk the process, delegation will also be offered via NEAR Wallet graphical user interface (GUI) and 3rd party validator services. 

Important to note: there will be no staking rewards during Phase I, but your participation will support further decentralisation of the governance process during this transitory phase. It will also allow you to familiarise yourself with NEAR validators early on before the launch of Phase II. 

What’s next? 

As soon as 2/3rd of all staked funds (during Phase I) vote to unlock transfers, lock-up smart contracts begin unlocking tokens as scheduled.  A separate update of nearcore software will enable inflationary staking rewards. It’s worth mentioning that staking rewards are immediately transferable and have no lock-up. All tokens in circulation, regardless of lock-up schedule, can be staked to earn staking reward! 🚀

Hack the Rainbow: workshops, panels, bounties and more 🎉

Hack the Rainbow 🌈 is officially starting on Sep 15th with a series of talks and workshops hosted on Crowdcast! 

If you’re a builder/hacker, you can sign-up on Gitcoin to start working on your project or meet other hackers to form teams. In case you’re not sure what to work on during the hackathon … worry no more! We have put together a list of cool ideas on Notion which you can use as a starting point for your own hackathon project.

You can see the full list of webinars on Crowdcast, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Grilling the Rainbow with Justin Drake (Ethereum 2.0 research lead) and Illia Polosukhin (NEAR co-founder)
  • DAOs, DAOs, DAOs with Burrrata (Aragon/RaidGuild), James (Moloch/Abridged), …
  • DeFi: Food, Farming, and Philanthropy moderated by Simona Pop with star 💫 guest $ALEX
  • Several demos and workshops with our partner projects: Balancer, ChainLink, Sia/SkyNet, …
  • Introduction to Rainbow 🌈 Bridge, cross-chain demo, NEAR 101 and 102, …

We would like to give a special shout-out to Aaron from Vital Point AI Guild who has put together this amazing overview of his project using Textile, NEAR, and Moloch!   Feel free to reach out to Aaron to start BUIDLing the future of decentralised community platforms ✌️

Engineering Updates

Our engineering team is focused on improving bridge devX, working on upgradeability of the bridge and adding native support for EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) to NEAR. This should make onboarding Ethereum applications much easier, and together with the ETH<>NEAR bridge, will position NEAR as one of the best choices for near-term scaling of DApps in the blockchain space.

Edu updates

  • NEAR 101 “NEAR for Web Developers” shipped. Slides and recordings available (
  • NEAR 102 “NEAR for Ethereum Developers” available next week (will be
  • “Show and Tell: Rainbow Bridge” makes explaining the bridge more fun

As always looking for YOUR input to our educational priorities. If you have any suggestions, ideas or preferences and would like them to be heard, email me directly at or find me on Telegram (amgando) or Discord (Sherif#5201)

Open Web Collective (OWC) Demo Day 🎉

Are you joining the most anticipated blockchain Demo Day?

Attend the Open Web Collective Demo Day, organised by NEAR, and get an exclusive look into the future of blockchain projects and DeFi. Nine pioneering startups will showcase their DApps and pitch their projects to top crypto investors!

Join us on September 23, 2020 at 8am PST. Save your free spot now 👉

The Open Web Collective is an innovative blockchain accelerator designed by NEAR to help passionate entrepreneurs grow their startups into scalable & successful companies. Our founders have worked with leading partners and investors such as IDEO, Deloitte, Pantera Capital and more and have already closed funding rounds of more than $3.5M. Join the Demo Day and be at the forefront of blockchain developments.

If you’re an entrepreneur or working at a blockchain startup and would like to participate in our program, please reach out. Connect with us on Twitter, Medium, YouTube, and Email.


This week we are watching, reading, and listening to  … 

Jake Brukhman, founder of CoinFund and Crypto OG, talks to Sasha about various models in the fast-paced crypto funding and governance space. 

You can listen to this episode of Building the Open Web podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


That’s it for this update. See you in the next one! 

Your friends,

NiMA and the NEAR team 


Hello citizens of NEARverse! This is NiMA coming to you from a NEARby planet in the Milky Chain …

(you can listen to an audio version of this update below, featuring Peter, head of devX at NEAR)

NEAR collective is hard at work to deliver the next phase of our roadmap which will also allow us to onboard thousands of new community members and token holders to the NEAR network. In parallel, our middleware team is working towards bridging NEAR to Ethereum with the Rainbow Bridge 🌈

If you’re curious about the bridge and want to start BUIDLing on top of NEAR we invite you to join Hack the Rainbow 🌈hackathon. Hack the Rainbow is going to be hosted on Gitcoin from Sep 15-30th and will come with a primary prize pool of $50,000 in $NEAR tokens and $DAI. More bounties and incentives will be announced in the coming weeks in collaboration with our community and ecosystem partners! 

Rainbow Bridge 🌈 101 

The Open Web could not be truly open without building bridges and breaking silos. This is why we are launching the Rainbow Bridge which will connect the Ethereum and NEAR blockchains while maintaining the trustless and permissionless nature of both blockchains. 

In practice this means users and developers of the bridge will only have to make the same security and trust assumptions as they would if their contracts were running on either side of the bridge. They only need to trust the blockchains themselves. 

Furthermore, the bridge is designed and built to be both rapid and generic. Interactions across the bridge could happen within minutes and seconds in contrast to days or weeks that are commonplace with existing solutions. 

“Rainbow Bridge is also generic. Any information that is cryptographically provable on NEAR is usable in Ethereum contracts and the other way around.” To dive deeper into the technical architecture of the bridge read this in-depth blog post from Max, Middleware engineering lead at NEAR. The Block also covered the rainbow bridge here. (paywall) 

NEAR Ecosystem Updates


We are excited to welcome more projects launching on NEAR MainNet. Flux, an open scalable platform for prediction markets, is the first protocol to launch on NEAR’s mainnet. The team from VHS have launched their ZEST Play Platform and digital horse racing game ZedRun, the first gaming DApp to launch on NEAR’s mainnet.

Scaling Mintbase with NEAR 

Nate (founder/dev of Mintbase) published a very candid blog post about their journey and thought process around scaling Mintbase and how they landed on NEAR as the best solution!

You can read the whole story on Medium, but I wanted to share this paragraph with you about Nate’s love-hate relationship with Solidity & EVM 👀 : 

“I’m tired of solidity, rust has been a pretty refreshing transition and is insanely good about memory and types ❤️, potentially the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) might not be as attractive to new developers in the future. Sometimes it’s easiest to just start over fresh rather than duck taping solutions.” 

Engineering Updates:

Edu updates

  • NEAR 101, “NEAR for Web Developers”, recorded 3 times with some changes and improvements along the way.
  • NEAR 102, “NEAR for Ethereum Developers”, in progress with help from community members
  • Educational bounties program designed with 2 sample bounties written here and here. More to come … 
  • Workshop for facilitators invitation shared with community — we are inviting capable community members to deliver existing NEAR 101 content based on studying the recordings (and with our support, mentorship and guidance of course)
  • Looking for YOUR input to our educational priorities. If you have any suggestions, ideas or preferences and would like them to be heard, email Sherif directly at or find him on Telegram (amgando) or Discord (Sherif#5201) 

Our friends from Blockchain at Berkeley did a NEAR white paper deep dive, check out their presentation here: 

Aaron, Vitalpoint AI Guild lead and  NEAR community hero, published an in-depth course on his Guild website.  The course covers building and issuance of Fungible Tokens on NEAR and shows learners how to add a few additional features on top of the standard implementation.

CTA: register for Hack the Rainbow on Gitcoin

Here’s a quick break down of prizes:

Prizes are 80% $NEAR tokens and 20% DAI (here expressed in $ equivalent)

– 20x 500$ for projects using ETH<>NEAR Rainbow Bridge
– 1x 5K overall winner
– 5x 3K runner ups
– 20x 1k top 20 submissions

There will be additional bounties and boosted ideas from other hackathon partners. All submissions qualify for the main NEAR prize pool and additionally partner bounties if they qualify.


This week we are watching, reading, and listening to  … 

Open Web Collective released several amazing episodes of their podcast. The latest episode is with Sergey Nazarov  who is telling us the story behind Chainlink. Truly fascinating OG blockchain journey from circa 2012 to 2020!  You can subscribe to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts .

The Open Web Collective invites you to their demo day on Crowdcast! Sign up and join us to see what the projects have been cooking up in the latest cohort! 

That’s it for this update. See you in the next one! 


Your friends,

NiMA and the NEAR team 

Hack the Rainbow 🌈 – ETH<>NEAR Bridge Hackathon 

Hello hackers and builders! Today we are super excited to soft launch Hack the Rainbow in collaboration with Gitcoin! Hack the Rainbow is NEAR’s first MOOH! (Massive Open Online Hackathon) and is primarily focused on building bridges between NEAR and the Ethereum ecosystems. 

There’s plenty of opportunities for everyone to participate and help grow the Open Web by building bridges. Read on to discover how you can get involved!


  • Hack the Rainbow will take place online from 15th to 30th of Sep
  • Teams and individuals can sign-up on Gitcoin starting today! 
  • $50K+ main prize pool (in NEAR & DAI) and additional bounties from Hackathon partners 
  • 20% referral bonus for NEAR Guilds and hacker clubs/dev groups who refer participants
  • Exclusive access to Hopin for team building, workshops, and mentorship sessions

🌈 Why Hack the Rainbow?



noun: rainbow; plural noun: rainbows – a wide range of related and typically colourful things.

We believe the future of the Open Web is collaborative and building the Open Web means building bridges.

Since we already live in a vastly interconnected world, building the new web should also be all about interoperability. The concept of a new, accessible Open Web is aimed at making everything interoperable and building a permanent, ownerless, and borderless foundation for the connected global community of which we are all a part.

Hack the Rainbow 🌈 will be a creative, collaborative, cross chain hackathon focused on building the bridges needed to make web3 an accessible reality for everyone. Our aim is to work with our Ethereum partners and bring together the best tools for that build.

This is our collective chance to explore and create that “wide range of related and colourful things” that can bring Ethereum and NEAR together. We see it as a chance to deliver community education and broaden opportunity for everyone wanting to explore the power of interoperability and interconnectedness.

🌉 The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge allows developers to utilize Ethereum assets and smart contracts on NEAR—a fast, scalable, and low-cost environment. The Bridge has the power to accelerate community development as it allows ETH users immediate access to apps built on NEAR.

This is the first trustless bridge of its kind. It supports ERC20, ERC721, and remains fully decentralized and adaptable to any future protocol changes on either side. You can already check out the Github repo and read the launch blog to find out more about the bridge. 

🤩 What to expect:

Our two week hackathon starts September 15 but will be preceded by two weeks of educational content so that all participants can get up to speed with NEAR, the bridge and all the possibilities. All workshops will be recorded on Crowdcast and available publicly for you to watch at any time! You can watch some of the previous workshops here on Crowdcast and make sure to follow us to get the latest updates. 

Before the hackathon

  • If you’re solo and looking to join a team, we help you identify and connect with other hackers.
  • LEARN: there will be two weeks of educational sessions in the run-up to the hackathon so make sure you tune in and learn the ins and outs. 
  • Come up with ideas! There will be plenty of bounties to work on but we’d love for you to get creative and come up with an exciting new project!

During the hackathon (15 days)

  • You work on your hack! 
  • 2x virtual immersive events during the weekends on Hopin where each team gets their own dedicated room and support/mentorship for their projects. 
  • We will have regular office hours so that you can ask all your questions and feel supported throughout.
  • Access to on-call core team members on Discord

At the end of 15 days, we begin the judging process.

  • You finalize and submit your hack and make your bounty submissions.
  • You’ll get to present your project in front of our expert judges.
  • Win awesome bounties & prizes.
  • Every valid submission gets a small thank you gift from NEAR Collective.

⏳ Calls to Action 

  • If you’re a builder, hacker, designer, … you can already sign-up on Gitcoin. You can also watch previous NEAR 101 workshops like this one to get started with BUIDLing on NEAR! 
  • If you run a local hackathon or builder community you can earn 10% of the bounty prize of winning teams referred by you. And to make it even better, those teams also get a 10% bonus if they join using your referral code! Contact us to get you setup and ready to go.
  • If you would like to partner with us for this hackathon contact us to discuss collab opportunities. 

See you on the other side of the Rainbow 🌈 

The NEAR Collective

Hello citizens of NEARverse! This is NiMA coming to you from a NEARby planet in the Milky Chain … 

A lot has been going on in the NEAR community in the past couple of weeks. But first things first, we are truly humbled by the level of enthusiasm and support we have received from the wider blockchain community who have joined NEAR as token holders through our community-first token sale

Our aim has always been to build and serve one of the most diverse communities in the Open Web ecosystem. This sale allows us to further decentralize ownership of the NEAR network and prepare for the launch of our community-governed MainNet

Speaking of MainNet, we are proud to announce the addition of several new trusted validators to NEAR Validator’s Advisory Board (NVAB). These organizations will have a crucial role in the upcoming MainNet Restricted launch. 

You can read more about NVAB here, but it’s worth highlighting here how validation and delegation are uniquely DeFi-friendly on NEAR! Read on to find out more …  

NEAR’s Smart Contract Based Delegation Unlocks a Universe of Open Finance (aka DeFi) Use Cases for Validators and Delegators 🚀

In contrast to other protocols, NEAR offers much more flexibility to validators by allowing them to create their own unique delegation contracts on-chain without the need for centralized services. This is because delegation in NEAR is done through smart contracts vs. being baked into the protocol. 

From our NVAB announcement blog

“This contract-based delegation makes it easier to pipe together Open Finance components, so you can imagine contracts which dynamically allocate delegators’ funds to lending protocols or validators depending on the prevailing interest rates and return in the market. Essentially, staking becomes a core component of the Open Finance ecosystem while still providing security to the system as intended.”

NEAR Ecosystem Updates:

1, 2, 3, Flux – decentralizing mainnet 

Over the coming week, Flux Phase 1.0 will become the first protocol to go live on NEAR Mainnet. You can read more about their phased approach to launching on NEAR on their blog.  The first version of the Flux Protocol will launch with the introduction of $DAI ported over via the Ethereum<>NEAR two-way bridge. 

The Non-fungible Cat is Out of the Bag – MintBase is joining the NEAR Ecosystem

Mintbase is a portal to the new virtual economy and they do that using the superpowers of tokens. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are at the core of Mintbase. Users can tokenize, buy and sell anything from art to music and events tickets. 

According to DappRadar they’re one of the top 5 most used marketplaces on Ethereum. The team at Mintbase want to take NFTs to the next level and hope to one day tokenize an entire stadium’s worth of tickets. That however is not feasible on Ethereum today. We’re delighted that they are joining the NEAR family. Give them a warm welcome and shout out on Twitter

Engineering Updates:

🌈 Rainbow Bridge on TestNet

If you’re a developer you can already check out the Github repo and for everyone else keep an eye on our blog for an upcoming in-depth article about our decentralized ETH<>NEAR bridge. 

Rainbow Bridge is already making some noise in Crypto Twitter! 🙏 kudos to Anett from ETHMagicians for the shout out 🎉 

2FA added to NEAR Wallet 🏦

View your “Profile” page in the NEAR Wallet to enable Two Factor Authentication! Our version of 2FA uses a multi-signature contract deployed to your account. This allows you to secure your account with your email account or mobile device, and protects against a large number of potential attacks. Check back for a deep dive into how it works! 

Bounties, NEPs, and Releases: 

near-sdk-as  1.0.0 published  🎉:

We are regularly publishing AssemblyScript bounties, here is the most recent one: 

There’s an NEP focused on significantly improving our contract call TPS, join the discussion here: 

Vital Point AI Guild building on NEAR*Textile @ HackFS 

Aaron, Guild Lead of Vital Point AI, has been hacking together some amazing stuff using both NEAR and Textile. You can follow Aaron and apply to join VP Guild, but here’s a short excerpt from his hackathon diaries: 

“Central to my whole plan was linking NEAR accounts to Textile threadsDB threadIds.  If you’re not familiar with Textile – think of it as a database provider.  You can run your own on your hardware or use their hub – which I’ve opted to do for the hackathon.”

One last thing …  we are preparing to launch our first massive open online hackathon (MOOH!?), code name: Hack The Rainbow 🌈 If you are developer or designer you can already sign-up on the landing page. More info coming soon to you and all citizens of NEARverse! 

This week we are watching, reading, and listening to  … 

Open Web Collective released several amazing episodes of their podcast. My favorite one is with Anton Bukov, founder of 1Inch exchange, who tells the story behind his journey from zero to hero in Crypto. You can subscribe to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts .

That’s it for this update. See you in the next one! 

Your friends,

NiMA and the NEAR team 


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