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This page is the single entry point for learning about NEAR Protocol.

Whether you’re a developer coming from web2 or web3 (eg. Ethereum) or a curious traveler wondering what all the fuss is about, this page will help.

At a Glance

Use a Decentralized Application

  • Paras
    All-in-one social Digital Art Cards (DAC) marketplace for creators and collectors.
  • Mintbase
    Mintbase is a global platform that allows anyone, including those with less technical backgrounds, to create their own digital assets verified on multiple blockchains. Mintbase provides creators (minters) with various creative allocation and redemption mechanisms for their customers.
  • Flux Protocol
    Weigh in on a prediction market of your choice using this open market protocol that enables developers to create markets on anything
  • Berry Club
    Swap 🍌 to stake 🥒 to farm Ⓝ  in a crowdsourced graffiti marketplace for DeFi degens.  This project also happens to be a world-class open source demo of NEAR contract features.  Just look at the code, you’ll thank me.
  • Berry Cards
    Vote on slices of the Berry Club artistic timeline, then buy your favorite art as NFTs. This always-for-sale sorting system is the fastest way to find the finest art from a very large and growing collection of community-generated graffiti.
  • Pixel Party
    Join the tapestry of 18×18 pixel artists in this community-generated art project reminiscent of the million-dollar homepage of 2005
  • ZED
    ZED is a digital horse racing game where players can build a stable of racehorses by buying, breeding, and racing digital racehorses.

Build a Decentralized Application

    Wondering what you can build with NEAR? Check out these examples for inspiration.
  • create-near-app
    One command to rule them all — build and deploy a NEAR DApp in 5 minutes

Courses and Guided Workshops

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