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These guidelines should serve a single point of origin for everything we say and do. This guide exists to empower NEAR contributors and ambassadors accross the world.

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A Developer-centric platform for the Creator Economy powered by open financial tools for the open web.

Purpose We exist...

To accelerate the world’s transition to open technologies by growing and enabling a community of developers and creators.

Vision We empower...

A world where people have control over their money, data, and power of governance.

Brand Attributes Everything we do should feel...


We are inclusive, human, and fun. As our tech reaches the stars, we remain down-to-earth.

Think: Human, Inclusive, Friendly, Warm, Approachable, Community-Driven


Everything in Blockchain is complex. We're here to make it easier. We simplify. We clarify.

Think: Clear, Simple, Usable, Easy


We cover our bases. We're building the foundation for a new world. We don't skimp on the amenities.

Think: Well-documented, Well-supported, Functional, Scalable, Fast


We seek to understand each other, feel the pain, and see things from new perspectives.

Think: Human, Understanding, Caring


We believe that dealing with people's money and data is serious business. We prioritize security.

Think: Trustworthy, Technically Superior

Voice & Messaging

Consistency in communication is key. Adhering to the following principles will keep us on track.

We are clear, not convoluted

We simplify. We clarify. We speak in the language of our audience. We translate blockchain babble into something thoughtful and helpful.

We are open, yet opinionated

We are experienced, but not arrogant. We are experts in our field, but we remain approachable. We have a take, but we are open to collaboration and the ideas of others. We are inclusive, not exclusive.

We are bold, not brazen

We are courageous. We are pioneers. We take on hard challenges and persevere. We speak our minds, but respect the opinions of others. We tell the truth, even when it's hard.

Distinguishing between the entities

The NEAR Protocol

A permissionless, Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocol that anyone can access, add transactions to, or read from. The public NEAR blockchain is an instantiation of the reference code at, but theoretically this repo could be forked and deployed as a separate chain, as much as many protocols have done to build upon the core Bitcoin code.

The NEAR Foundation

A non-profit foundation headquartered in Switzerland, and is responsible for contracting protocol maintainers, funding ecosystem development, and shepherding core governance of the protocol.

Near Inc

A US-based software research and development company that did much of the early development of the protocol and its tooling. While Near Inc does not own or run the NEAR Protocol (which is decentralized), it continues to propose changes to the reference implementation codebase as one of multiple third party entities performing R&D work for the protocol.


Our primary color palette is black, white and grey. We use colors for accent.


Pantone BlackC

HEX: #000000

RGB: 0/0/0

CMYK: 0/0/0/100


HEX: #ffffff

RGB: 255/255/255

Warm Grey

HEX: #f2f2f2

RGB: 242/242/242


Pantone 178c

HEX: #FF585D

RGB: 255/88/93

CMYK: 0/70/58/0


Pantone 150c

HEX: #FFB259

RGB: 255/178/91

CMYK: 0/30/71/0


Pantone 393c

HEX: #F0EC74

RGB: 240/236/116

CMYK: 6/0/55/0


Pantone 3395c

HEX: #00C08B

RGB: 0/195/137

CMYK: 77/0/67/0


Pantone 311c

HEX: #00C1DE

RGB: 5/195/221

CMYK: 65/0/6/0


Pantone 285c

HEX: #0072CE

RGB: 0/114/206

CMYK: 90/48/0/0


As an integral part of our brand, the following fonts should be used. These typefaces are our unique handwriting and add emphasis to the personality of our identity. Like our code, our brand typefaces are also Open Source for maximum accessibility.

Inter Family

For use in headlines and intro-esque copy. It's open source.

Use Regular (400), Semi-bold (600) and Black (900) weights. Download it here for free




Source Code Pro

For use in all instances of source code. It's open source. Download it here for free


The not-so-fine print

This is a friendly legal reminder that these graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws.

Please do amazing things like...

  • Use the NEAR Logo and link to
  • Use the logo to advertise that your project is built on NEAR
  • Use the logo in a blog post or news article about NEAR.
  • Use the logo properly with plenty of breathing room (margin).

Please don't do things like...

  • Use the NEAR Logo or Icon as your application's icon
  • Create a modified version of the NEAR Logo
  • Integrate the NEAR Logo or Icon into your logo
  • Use NEARKat without permission

Naming projects and products

When naming, please avoid any names that pretend to be NEAR or the NEAR token. Also, avoid representing that you've been actively endorsed by NEAR or anyone involved in the project (That is, unless you have been endorsed).


In short, NEAR Logos and NEARKat represent only NEAR Protocol and should not be used to represent your products. The NEAR Logo may be used as a secondary element to show that your project is built on NEAR.

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