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Contributor Program

Anyone in the world can contribute to NEAR's technical content or engineering efforts through the contributor program

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Do you have...

…technical know-how

…a self-starter attitude

…excitement to contribute to an open source project

Then you are at the right place.

Contributing to NEAR

The Contributor program formalises community-driven contributions to the NEAR ecosystem. Contributor activities include:

  • Contributing to the NEAR code base and documentation
  • Developing technical content such as development tutorials
  • Testing and advancing our smart contract examples
  • Supporting developers and validators in the NEAR community channels
  • Have other ideas? Apply and let us know!


Build the Future Web

We believe the web needs to change. We are building the tools for a more open, equitable web where people are in control of their data.


Your contributions will potentially be used by thousand of users.

Connections & Exposure

We will showcase your efforts and connect you with strategic partners. The connections you make through the program can provide you with a foundation for your next career steps.


Contributors are rewarded for their work. Rewards include token grants, event tickets, and more.
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Once you have applied to the Contributor Program we will have a look at your application and get back to you with the next steps.

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