The infrastructure for Innovation: A developer-friendly, proof-of-stake, public blockchain.


Follow the development of the protocol.


Get the latest straight from the source.


Dig into the docs and start building.

Specs & Standards

Propose an enhancement for the protocol.

Ethereum Bridge & Virtual Machine

With Aurora Bridge and EVM, Ethereum developers can deploy their apps in a fast, scalable & low-cost environment.

Interoperable App Chains

Octopus is a network of app chains that are interoperable with NEAR including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot & Cosmos.


Want to dig deep into the tech? Congrats, you’re officially in the weeds.

NEAR’s Sharding Design: Nightshade

Design and implementation of the core technology of the NEAR Blockchain

Economics of a Sharded Blockchain

Read about NEAR economic decisions and the logic behind them.

The Official NEAR Whitepaper

The paper that started it all. Read the original vision for the NEAR Blockchain.

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