Case Study: Indexer's Mary Korch on Building a Multichain Indexing Platform – NEAR Protocol

Case Study: Indexer’s Mary Korch on Building a Multichain Indexing Platform

NEAR Foundation
August 18, 2023

NEAR is a home to a number of amazing apps and projects. These developers, founders, and entrepreneurs are using NEAR to effortlessly create and distribute innovative decentralized apps, while helping build a more open web — free from centralized platforms. In these Case Study videos, NEAR Foundation showcases some of these projects. 

In the latest NEAR Foundation Case Study video below, Mary Korch, Customer Success at Indexer, talks about how the project built its Multichain Indexing Platform on NEAR. As Korch notes in the case study, Indexer builds infrastructure to support developers, giving them the data they need to be successful on the NEAR Protocol.

“If you’re a Web2 company looking to build in Web3, and specifically in NEAR, we have done a lot of the hard work for you,” says Korch.  “You’re going to need data from the blockchain but also some off-chain data like metadata and IPFS. We actually have that all at your disposal, and it makes it a lot easier to build your application and get to market a lot quicker.” 

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