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Meet the Builders of the Open Web: Top Speakers at NEARCON ’23

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October 19, 2023

If you thought last year’s NEARCON was epic, then wait until you see what’s in store for NEARCON ’23 in Lisbon, kicking off on November 7th. From deep dives into the open web to insightful sessions featuring global leaders in blockchain and the open web, here’s the inside scoop on what to expect at this year’s iconic edition.

What awaits you at NEARCON ’23

NEARCON ’23 is set to be a smorgasbord of innovation and collaboration. Taking place across three venues in Lisbon, including the historic Convento Do Beato, and spanning four days, NEARCON ‘23 attendees will have access to an array of exciting opportunities. From enlightening talks on AI and Web3’s future to hands-on developer hackathons, there’s something for everyone.

You also won’t want to miss exclusive networking sessions that connect you with NEAR and multi-chain enthusiasts and projects from around the globe. Attendees also get a firsthand experience with building on the Blockchain Operating System (B.O.S.).

Meet the Big Brains of NEARCON ’23

There’s an incredible lineup of speakers and thought leaders scheduled for this year’s edition of NEARCON. Here’s a rundown of some of top names you’ll on various stages, panels and sessions:

  • Mitchell Amador: Founder and CEO of Immunefi. Mitchell is a leading voice in blockchain security and will explore how incentivized bounties enhance security.
  • James Young: The Co-founder and CCO of Collab.Land will delve into the power of tokenized communities, from governance to engagement.
  • Samantha Bohbot: Chief Growth Officer at RockawayX. An expert in strategic growth, Samantha will share essential tips for project scalability.
  • Se Hyun Oh: SVP at SK Telecom. Expect insights into the convergence of telecom, AI, and the open web.
  • Michael Casey: Chief Content Officer at CoinDesk. Michael will dissect the evolving narratives around cryptocurrency and its impact on the traditional financial sector.
  • Richard Muirhead: Managing Partner at Fabric Ventures. Hear a venture capitalist’s perspective on what makes a blockchain project investable.
  • Oleg Fomenko: Co-founder of Sweat Economy. Join the discussion on how blockchain is revolutionizing health and fitness via Move-to-Earn.
  • Nicolai Reinbold: Global Head of Expansion and Innovation at CV Labs. Nicolai will cover blockchain innovation hubs and their role in nurturing early-stage startups.
  • Teana Baker-Taylor: Circle’s VP of Policy and Regulatory Strategy for the EU/UK. She’ll address the regulatory landscape surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Joy Macknight: The editor at The Banker will offer an overview of how the open web and blockchain are disrupting traditional banking systems.
    Check out the complete list of NEARCON 23′ Speakers, full of founders, builders, VCs, and other open web innovators.

Maximizing your NEARCON ’23 experience

While the speakers are a definite draw, NEARCON ’23 is more than just speaker sessions. You can also join the NEARCON IRL Hackathon where developers will have the chance to build directly on the B.O.S and compete for over $140,000 in prizes. In case you didn’t already know, NEARCON is free for hackers participating in the hackathon! At NEARCON ‘23, there’s something for just about everyone.

Four Distinct Paths to Explore at NEARCON ’23

  • Developers: Engage in technical workshops and learn from the best in the business. These sessions are designed to meet you at any point in your open web journey.
  • Entrepreneurs: Explore how the open web can revolutionize the way businesses connect and engage with users through innovative products and solutions.
  • Creators: Discover how the open web can disrupt traditional systems, offering more equitable platforms for creators to get discovered and fairly compensated.
  • Regulators: Stay up-to-date with the evolving regulations and policies that are shaping the open web, keeping you ahead of the curve.

And don’t forget the networking opportunities, where you’ll get a chance to collaborate and engage in exciting conversations with NEAR community members from around the world.

Don’t miss the future at NEARCON ’23

Your chance to explore the entire NEAR ecosystem and the B.O.S is right around the corner. So, come play a part in driving the open web towards mass adoption. And with General Admission ticket prices still available, NEARCON ‘23 is still a steal for anyone interested in helping shape the future of blockchain and decentralization.

So what are you waiting for? Register for NEARCON ’23 to secure your spot today. And if you’re a Ukrainian living in Portugal, or a student in Portugal or Spain, click those links for more information on how to register and attend NEARCON ‘23 in Lisbon for absolutely free!

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