NEAR Launches $1 Million Marketing Competition and Virtual Conference

October 12, 2021 — NEAR Team

NEAR is launching a marketing competition and virtual conference with more than $1 million in prizes and funding. Taking place between November 1-30 2021, Gen C 2021 is for anyone looking to help solve some of crypto, and tech’s biggest challenges. 

Join incredible speakers, thought leaders, and founders of crypto and technology companies across 50 sessions exploring marketing problems and how you might go about fixing them.    

Our sponsors have great products, but need your help finding product-market fit. Many sponsors have time-tested, existing products with low costs to acquire high lifetime value customers. They’re thinking about starting new product lines. 

Others are entering digital marketing for the first time. They’re looking for marketers to help showcase their technology in an exciting and engaging way. 

This is Big. We have amassed more than $1,000,000 in marketing contracts for successful applicants. Yep, pitch and put together a proposal for your piece of $1,000,000. 

Millions in follow-on funding is available for the teams that show the most promise. Help clients reach their marketing goals and get paid.

Then, join the kickoff event November 1st, 8am PST 

Join our marketing roast.

Compete in Generation Crypto

Website: Register a winning team

Discord: Talk with sponsors & competitors 

Twitter: Attend 40+ livestreams in November

Referral Program: Know a winning team? Win when they win.

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