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Summer of Shipping on NEAR Heats up with Horizon’s HZN3 Cohort 

NEAR Foundation
April 2, 2024

The NEAR Horizon Accelerator (HZN) is continuing to nurture early-stage open founders by launching its third cohort, HZN3. As part of NEAR’s Summer of Shipping, HZN3 will encourage accountability, community, and deploying products that amplify chain abstraction.

Established as an equity-free program, HZN3 is designed to deliver mentorship, technical support, and tactical education to empower founders in navigating the complexities and hurdles associated with building a thriving, successful project.

With a focus on crypto-native go-to-market strategies and refinding the tech stack, HZN3 will be a vital resource for founders aiming to scale their projects. It underscores NEAR’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the next wave of open web projects, contributing significantly to the ecosystem’s diversity and resilience.

HZN3 is a chain-agnostic program and welcomes builders from any ecosystem. This approach is part of fulfilling NEAR’s vision for a unified, user-friendly open web. Here’s everything you need to know about the HZN3 cohort and how to join.

Empowering Open Web Innovation with HZN3

The HZN3 Accelerator Program, NEAR’s third cohort under the Horizon banner, will be a structured, eight-week journey for open web founders, emphasizing sustainable growth. This equity-free approach aligns with NEAR’s dedication to founders success and autonomy. 

Specifically geared towards early-stage Web3 founders, HZN3 is a launchpad for projects at any development stage, from idea to MVP. The program’s core objectives are to furnish participants with mentorship, one-on-one technical support, and education tailored to the nuances of launching and scaling in the crypto space.

While HZN3 does not provide direct funding, its focus is on providing invaluable resources and a network that far exceeds monetary support. The HZN3 Program runs from May 20th – July 12th, 2024, capped with a Demo Day live at ETH CC in Brussels, Belgium HZN3 will be an intensive, hands-on experience, crafted to sharpen go-to-market strategies and refine technical stacks, ensuring projects are not just visionary but viable and market-ready. 

The application period, spanning from March 18th to May 10th, 2024, invites early-stage founders to step forward with their visions, irrespective of their blockchain foundation, fostering a diversity rich cohort. Selected participants can anticipate a kickoff meeting to outline the road ahead, ensuring founders are prepared for the intensive, growth-oriented journey in HZN3.

Building on Previous HZN Alumni Success

The HZN3 program will take its cue from the achievements of previous HZN alumni projects that have laid the groundwork for the upcoming cohort. The previous 50+ participants from HZN’s programs include Gravvity, Quest, Superchargd, Plato, Shard Dog, and Contented, illustrating HZN’s tangible impact. 

These projects have navigated the initial stages of development and launch, successfully securing significant external capital and collectively raising over $20 million. These funding successes validate the value and trust investors place in HZN-supported initiatives and highlight HZN’s effectiveness in preparing founders for the pitching and funding process.

The accelerator’s focus on mentorship, technical support, and tactical education has also equipped these projects with the necessary tools for scalability and market penetration. Through HZN, founders gain financial backing and receive a comprehensive foundation for sustained growth, network expansion, and strategic positioning moving forward.

HZN’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting early-stage projects contributes significantly to the diversity and resilience of the NEAR ecosystem, ensuring a vibrant future for open web innovation.

Apply to HZN3 and Join NEAR’s Vision for Chain Abstraction

HZN3 applications are open from March 18th to May 10th, 2024, welcoming visionaries eager to scale their projects. Interested founders can apply directly through HZN’s application page, where they’ll find detailed instructions and requirements. Founders building on any blockchain are encouraged to apply, as HZ3 is a chain-agnostic program.

HZN3 also plays a critical role in NEAR’s broader chain abstraction narrative by attracting diverse, high-quality projects across multiple blockchains. By supporting founders regardless of blockchain or ecosystem, HZN3 will contribute to the broader vision of chain abstraction. This approach is key for driving the adoption of the chain abstraction stack. 

Through HZN3, NEAR reinforces its commitment to an open web that thrives on diversity, collaboration, and shared success.

Seizing Open Web Opportunities with HZN3

As an equity-free, accelerator program, HZN3 is a unique opportunity to bootstrap and jumpstart any project. Founders won’t want to miss out on key resources, network expansion, and strategic development insights they’ll receive during the course of the program.

Potential applicants should apply before May 10th, 2024, to secure a spot in the upcoming HZ3 cohort. For more details, visit HZN’s application page to join the community discussion, connect with peers and mentors, and brainstorm about how your project can be a part of the open web’s future.

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