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TheFunPass™ Debuts at North America’s Largest Night Market with The Littles and NEAR

NEAR Foundation
July 13, 2023

Everyone’s a winner playing carnival games thanks to TheFunPass™, a groundbreaking leap in Web3 that will redefine loyalty rewards and transform the way we engage and connect with events and experiences. From the popular Web3 project, the littles, this innovative Web3 rewards app on the NEAR blockchain offers a solution that will transform the event landscape, that benefits event-goers but also empowers event operators. 

It’s all about bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, as TheFunPass™ creates a seamless and immersive experience for users while driving value for businesses. 

TheFunPass™ presents a brand-new model of interaction that empowers users, business operators, and The Littles holders alike. The Littles’ TheFunPass™ rewards app will debut at the Richmond Night Market, rethinking the entire carnival experience by connecting people through interactive missions, rewards, and personalized engagement. 

Now every carnival-goer can win prizes, food, and once-in-a-lifetime trips — even if their skeeball doesn’t land in the bullseye — breathing new life into the classic carnival games.

TheFunPass™ is the best way to win at carnival games

Wil Lee and Cass Chan created the Web3 children’s media company, the littles, in 2021 offering a creative blend of animation, gaming, and real-world activations. The Littles is even joining up with TIME Studios to produce a children’s animation series. TheFunPass™, their latest endeavor, showcases their commitment to pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment. Meanwhile, Lee is also the CEO and creator of Wun2Free Entertainment, a Company that has been producing events for over 10 years and hires over one hundred people each season, with TheFunPass™ as their latest endeavor. 

TheFunPass™ is a rewards application that utilizes Web3 technology to enhance the way people emotionally engage with events. The application will debut at the Richmond Night Market in British Columbia, the largest night market in North America. TheFunPass™ engages user participation through missions, allowing them to earn digital and physical rewards unlocking exclusive benefits, digital collectibles, and unforgettable experiences. 

TheFunPass™ not only engages event attendees but also presents a game-changing opportunity for businesses and operators. The app will also enable event operators and businesses to create customized missions and campaigns driving attendee participation and extending engagement before, during, and after the event. It’s a win-win scenario, where attendees enjoy immersive experiences and rewards, while businesses drive revenue growth and forge stronger connections with their audience.

TheFunPass™ is a new and innovative way to experience the Richmond Night Market, which boasts over 500 food stalls, 100 retail shops, and an average attendance of over 1 million visitors per season. TheFunPass™ can reach tens of thousands of carnival-goers and engage them in unprecedented ways. The partnership between The Littles and NEAR will change the way people emotionally engage with events.

The Littles and TheFunPass™ are a NEAR perfect match

TheFunPass™, powered by NEAR, revolutionizes the traditional carnival experience, offering dynamic gameplay with location-based missions and rewarding social engagements. The app’s integration of digital and physical missions enables users to accrue reward points beyond the physical space confines, effectively turning the standard carnival participation model on its head thanks to the development support of LaunchBadge, a leading software development team trusted by the littles and NEAR. 

“800 users for a soft launch has reaffirmed our decision to support The Fun Pass and the team’s vision to reimagine how we experience the night market with blockchain technology,” said Dillon Freeman, Blockchain Success Manager on NEAR Foundation’s BD team. “The team has been executing at a high level and we’re excited to see what they deliver in the coming months.”

Beyond the in-person carnival fun, TheFunPass™ also facilitates year-round engagement with unique missions and reward opportunities, making the carnival-style fun available wherever and whenever. This innovative blend of phygital experiences is a game changer, enabling events to expand their reach and engage audiences more effectively.

The mechanics of TheFunPass™ are simple: Play Games, Collect STARs, Win Rewards! Attendees participate in carnival games, scan QR codes or tap to gather STARs on TheFunPass™, and subsequently exchange these STARs for various rewards, regardless of their game outcomes. The participation model offers a tangible sense of achievement, transforming the carnival experience.

TheFunPass™ ensures an exciting and ongoing engagement with its mission-based gameplay and reward system. After the carnival, users can continue to engage in digital missions, games, and rewards, offering an immersive experience that extends beyond its physical boundaries.

Debuting at Richmond Night Market, the partnership between The Littles and NEAR, with the development expertise from Launchbadge, showcases a unique use case of Web3 technology. By using TheFunPass™, every visitor stands a chance to win prizes, while also partaking in a unique Web3 event experience, thereby redefining event participation.

Empowering all stakeholders in the events industry 

TheFunPass™ empowers The Littles holders by integrating them into its growth through a unique referral program, reflecting the app’s commitment to decentralization and community empowerment. This groundbreaking approach enables Littles holders to earn commissions by referring businesses and operators to the app’s expanding network.

Beyond rewarding users, TheFunPass™ is an invaluable tool for businesses and operators. It enhances customer engagement, fosters loyalty, and promotes revenue growth. Additionally, the app provides businesses with valuable consumer behavior insights, enabling them to customize their offerings and establish meaningful connections with their audience.

The Littles are poised to lead the web3 industry into the future with the launch of TheFunPass™, powered by NEAR. By introducing gamification and immersive experiences to events, concerts, and festivals worldwide, TheFunPass™ aims to revolutionize the event experience, heralding a new frontier of interaction for fans.

TheFunPass™ presents a unique convergence of loyalty rewards, immersive experiences, and Web3 technology. As we step into the future of truly phygital experiences, every event-goer can look forward to a redefined, gamified, and winning event experience like never before.

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