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Update on the NEAR Wallet Transition

August 16, 2022

On July 29th, NEAR Foundation announced that would be transforming into a new multi-wallet portal, and that the NEAR Wallet team is spinning out to become its own entity. This is part of the NEAR Foundation’s continued mission to foster a rich and vibrant ecosystem that can build and maintain its core components. 

Originally, the plan was to begin transitioning into the multi-wallet portal starting August 17th. But, based on community feedback following the July 29th transition announcement, the MyNearWallet team, Pagoda, and NEAR Foundation realized a rethink was needed to ensure the smoothest user experience possible. 

This transition is incredibly important for the NEAR ecosystem and community, allowing NEAR to further decentralize, enhance security, and ultimately give users more wallet options. 

With that in mind, Pagoda will be gathering feedback from the community over the next few months and deciding on a more appropriate path forward. The Foundation believes this is the right move for the NEAR ecosystem. 

There will be no changes on the front until that point. As things progress, the NEAR Foundation will keep you, the NEAR community, in the loop with any and all future announcements related to the wallet transition process. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the transition. 

Other Wallet Options in the NEAR Ecosystem? 

Again, if you’re interested in exploring the other wallets available in the NEAR ecosystem, there are plenty to check out. Over 30 wallet providers are currently compatible with NEAR. 

Visit AwesomeNEAR for a list of wallets compatible with the NEAR ecosystem. 

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